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Step One Introduction - Scientific Brain Research
Your subconscious is running on auto-pilot and it is programmed to fail. Scientific brain research discoveries reveal the true power of your subconscious mind and how you can harness this mind power to achieve success.

(1.i) Human Genetics and Failure
Learn why genetic DNA passed on from your ancestors is designed to stop you from becoming successful.

(1.ii) Intelligence - Use It Or Lose It
This section discusses "neurogenesis or brain plasticity". It is now scientifically proven that regardless of age, you can easily and continuously increase your intelligence.

(1.iii) Mind Power - Thinking Large
Discover how the brain thinks in six areas at once; only one is conscious and the other five are non-conscious. Learn how to tap into this mental resource to put your success on auto-pilot.

(1.iv) In My Mind - Is This Reality?
A scientific explanation of how the subconscious cannot distinguish the difference between real and imagined. Learn how you can use this research to scientifically excel.

(1.v) True or False - Your Subconscious Doesn't Know!
The subconscious mind accepts everything you say as true. You can effectively eliminate negativity by re-programming your subconscious with positive self talk.

( The Reason Self Help Fails You
The subconscious doesn't decide if something is negative or positive. Therefore, if you focus on what you don't want, the subconscious assumes you do want it.

(1.vii) Breaking The Habit Failure
How to easily change your thinking, which ultimately means you change your beliefs and habits.

(1.viii) Ultimate Mind Control Technique
Discover the ultimate success technique.

Step Two Intro: Child Development - How You Were Trained To Fail
Learn how you were programmed to fail during early childhood by your primary caregivers.

(2.i) Critical Thinking Can Be Destructive
Eliminate this success block now.

(2.ii) More Than Words
How to communicate properly with your subconscious.

(2.iii) No Limit To the Power Of Intuition
Tap into the power of Universal Intelligence.

(2.iv) Emotions - The Window To Your Thoughts
Harness the power of emotions and learn to control your thinking.

(2.v) Time and The Power of Now
The only time you can change your life is right now. Learn how to focus on the present moment and leave your worries behind.

( The Decision Making Process
Become aware of conscious filters and how they block your success.

(2.vii) Behavior Modification
Witnessing your thoughts will expose self-sabotage.

Step Three Introduction - Personal Change
Learn about various techniques to effectively eliminate self-limiting beliefs, emotional and physical pain.

(3.i) Negative Emotion
Switching off the power it has to control you.

(3.ii) Forgiveness
Letting go is vital to your emotional well-being and success.

(3.iii) Relationship Help
How to eliminate the emotional baggage from past relationships.

(3.iv) Mental Health
A technique for emotional cleansing.

(3.v) Peace of Mind
Burning your problems away.

Step Four Intro: The Human Brain - Techniques To Change Your Life
This step explains numerous tips, tools and techniques to re-program your subconscious for success.

(4.i) If I Can Only Imagine!
Imagination is more valuable than knowledge.

(4.ii) Creative Visualization
Applying proper visualization is undoubtedly one of the most effective techniques for re-programming the subconscious mind with new beliefs.

(4.iii) The Benefits Of Meditation
Meditation is like rebooting a computer to clear the operating system. Discover the numerous health benefits associated with meditation.

(4.iv) Breathing Exercise
Learn how proper breathing can calm you and change your perspective. I offer you three of my favorite techniques.

(4.v) True Love, To Find It Now
Many feel they are missing something in life. Here's help to fill the emptiness inside of you.

( The Power of Gratitude
How being thankful can turbo-charge your success.

(4.vii) Positive Affirmations
Do they really work? Find out here!

(4.viii) Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis
Creating new neural pathways (thought patterns) is much more effective using hypnosis.

(4.ix) Is A Coach Really Necessary?
Experienced coaches and mentors can speed up your progress and keep you heading in the right direction.

(4.x) Creating A Picture Book
A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially since your subconscious communicates and understands pictures, symbols and patterns.

(4.xi) Why Keep Personal Journals?
Does your subconscious control you or do you direct it? Learn how to instruct your subconscious. Daily dialogue with your subconscious keeps it focused on your goals.

(4.xii) Dream On For Success
Put your self improvement on auto-pilot!

(4.xiii) Daily Planner & Checklists
A personal development checklist will keep you on track, reminding you each day of the activities required to achieve your dreams. Successful people employ systems and this is one powerful technique to re-program the mind.

Step Five Introduction - Enchanted Learning
Both metaphysics and science are now in agreement. We are all one energy! Discover for your self the endless possibilities. This Step will require you to suspend all old beliefs and remain open-minded.

(5.i) Quantum Physics and Success
The theory is that nothing is real until the mind interacts and creates reality. This is mind-blowing information.

(5.ii) Universal Laws and You
Rules to play the game of life. All games have rules. Learn these natural laws and you will discover you have been playing with the wrong set of rules.

(5.iii) The Law of Vibration
Change your vibrational energy to attract your desires. The Law of Attraction will not work if you are vibrating at a lower frequency.

(5.iv) Law of Attraction
Use it to attract positive. We attract what we think about. By focusing on what we don't want, the Universe provides more "lack".

Step Six Introduction - Easy Goal Setting Steps
Learn how and why you need to set goals. This Step will help you to become focused on that which you desire the most.

(6.i) Goal Planning
The first step in any goal setting is to decide what you really want and make a list of these desires. Here's help to get you started.

(6.ii) Beyond SMART Goals
An in-depth goals checklist I jokingly refer to as my SMARTER goals checklist. This will help you to ensure all goals work in harmony with each other and avoid contradiction.

(6.iii) Set Your Goals
Your goals need to be worded correctly to have maximum influence on the subconscious mind. In this section I provide pointers to make sure your goals are formatted properly.

(6.iv) Achieving Goals
Now that you have decided what you want and created properly worded goals; here's a manifestation process that works to accelerate your achievements.

Learning Style

A brief tutorial to easily increase your memory retention and recall.

Short Term Memory Loss
Wondering "where is my mind?" Here's a science based explanation of how the human brain records and stores information.