Self Help Workshop: Step Three
Personal Change Management

Techniques To Eliminate Self-Sabotage

Change management is more often than not related to business change. Today, I am discussing personal change and how you can manage to quickly become the person you choose to be.

You are totally, one hundred percent responsible for your current reality, whether it is by default (doing nothing to change) or whether it is through your conscious efforts to learn, grow and change.

For any change management program to be effective, first you need to know “what you want to change".

For example, perhaps you may want to eliminate anger and be calm or eliminate fear and become successful.

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These emotions are the symptoms and not the causes!

The difficulty many people have in learning and applying an effective personal change management plan is getting to the “root cause” of their problems.

The first two steps in this free workshop were designed with this in mind.

In Step One, I exposed recent scientific human brain research and explained how this research can be applied to your personal achievements.

In Step Two, I explained how the human mind is pre-programmed to fail during the early child-development stages of growth.

My call to action at the end of Step Two suggested you record all thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a journal for at least one week.

This mental exercise was the first step in your change management program; becoming aware of your self-limiting beliefs.

The thoughts and beliefs you uncovered are the "root cause” of your current reality.

Now that you are aware of the thoughts and beliefs that block your success, the next step in change management is to then learn “how to successfully change" using the fastest and easiest techniques available today.

Personal change management techniques may often seem difficult to implement at first. Contrary to changing business systems which may improve production, sales or cut costs; personal change involves feelings and emotions, where the bottom line is self-improvement.

I spent countless hours in the last thirty years researching, studying and applying numerous techniques which appeared to have any potential in eliminating my own personal negativity.

Actually, I discovered a few that are quick and extremely effective. These self help change management techniques are available to anyone interested in disposing of self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

In this section of the workshop, I am presenting only the best techniques which worked for me.

Thinking Controls All Actions!

Intuitive action leads to permanent success!

Do you intuitively “feel” I have provided valuable information up to this point?

Are you intuitively interested to see what the next step is?

Has your intuition been nudging you along, encouraging you to continue?

If yes – great! This means I am making sense and you are ready to begin the next phase of your personal “change management” program.

You may have previously believed the human brain is composed of a conscious and subconscious.

In a sense, this is true, but it is also very misleading.

One conscious level of my brain versus one subconscious level sounds pretty balanced. It then makes perfect sense with this kind of balance you should have a 50/50 chance of success.

However, willpower is not enough to overcome the negatives in life. As explained in Step One, we think on six levels at once, five levels are in the non-conscious and only one is conscious.

You may now realize it is almost impossible to eliminate unwanted thoughts, habits, feelings and emotions when 5/6ths of your brain is against change.

If you were to attempt any change management merely using will power, realize you would be consciously focusing on what you don’t want, trying to suppress it and ultimately you would attract more of what you don’t want.

If you approach change management from the perspective something is broken and needs to be fixed, you are functioning with “resistance” to where you are now.

As explained in the Action Plan at the end of Step Two, don’t judge any negatives you might uncover. Instead, merely look at these thoughts and beliefs with interest. Realize you have encountered this particular challenge in life as a lesson to learn and grow.

Vibration or Energy:

Everything in the Universe has a vibration. (This is explained in more detail in Step 5) The Universal Law of Attraction simply stated is “like attracts like”.

I am sure you have met someone and instantly felt a strong connection with them. Conversely, you may have also met someone and felt the need to quickly distance your self.

Both of these instances are examples of the Law of Attraction. When you meet someone and feel comfortable, their energy or vibration is similar to your own. If you felt uncomfortable, their vibration was very different.

It is important to understand that “things” also have energy or a vibration level. Money, houses, cars, furniture, etc. also have their own frequency of vibration.

Change management is a process of discovering your hidden thoughts and beliefs; eliminating any negative emotional attachment and re-programming your brain (Step Four) to raise your vibration level and attract more good.

Releasing Emotional Attachment:

First, the bad news – You will never be able to dispose of unwanted memories. They are stored permanently in your non-conscious brain.

Now, the good news – You can quickly and easily eliminate the emotional attachment to these memories so they no longer block your progress.

Imagine your entire being as the road map of a huge city. Now imagine the streets on the map as electrical impulses running through your body and mind.

Every thought, feeling, emotion and belief is traveling through you in these electrical impulses.

Releasing would then be comparable to shutting off the electrical power of a belief or thought so you are less likely to use that pathway again.

Here in Step Three, I will teach you “how” to literally reach into your “Neanderthal” brain and disconnect those neuron patterns (thoughts and beliefs) that link to negatives such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, despair, thoughts of failure, and so on.

When you change these neurode patterns in the brain and eliminate any emotional attachment to your old programming (through conscious thought and conscious effort) you will alter the way these thoughts, feelings and emotions are interconnected in your brain.

I previously mentioned elsewhere, your path in life would be better served by removing obstacles to your success instead of striving to achieve success.

In doing so, your mind becomes open to your true potential.

The possibilities and opportunities begin to show up where you least expect them.

I have no doubt in my mind you will experience tremendous personal growth and change when you begin applying the personal “change management” techniques listed below.

Try them on for size. See which ones fit. You may find one "change management technique" more effective than another depending on the situation.

The Law of Healing:

This is a Universal Law which concerns the ability to channel energy which radiates from the Source. (God, Buddha, Universal Intelligence or any other name you choose) The purpose of this channeled energy is to either improve self by removing blockages (obstacles) or instilling the sacred energy which pulsates from the Source.

Simply, this law states you have the ability to heal by removing the blocks that stop you from achieving.

The following techniques have all worked great for me. I am positive they will help eliminate the blocks that stop you and clear the path for your success.

(3.i) Negative Emotion Switching off the power it has to control you.

(3.ii) Forgiveness An important aspect of emotional well-being.

(3.iii) Relationship Help Easily eliminate emotional baggage.

(3.iv) Mental Health A technique for emotional cleansing.

(3.v) Peace of Mind Burning your problems away.