Quantum Physics

(5.i) Exploring The Realm of Possibility

What could quantum physics possibly have to do with the process of achieving “success”?

First off, I am not a quantum physicist and in no way am I qualified to properly mentor you in this subject.

Instead, my goal is to provide you with some mind-blowing information and hopefully get you interested enough to seek out a mentor who possesses the knowledge and skills to teach you how to apply these principles.

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Accelerating your success might very well depend on this!

Please remember, I have asked you to suspend your old beliefs long enough to give me a chance to get you hooked.

Although the concepts of quantum physics can be intimidating to grasp, the basics are easy to understand and apply.

Once you do understand, reality as you currently know it will never be the same!

Science, religion and spirituality may have taken different paths, but now they all lead to the same truth.

We are all ONE!

Physicists have proven the physical world is one energy and we are all interconnected.

Imagine the possibilities!

What is Quantum Physics?

It is an amazing field of science which one can use to dramatically change their life.

The mathematical equations of quantum physics do not describe actual existence but rather they predict the potential for existence.

An important aspect is known as the “observer effect” which dictates that something does not exist in its physical form until it is actually observed by someone.

Instead, it is an infinite number of possibilities and once it is observed all those possibilities collapse into one physical manifestation, which is what you actually see.

Quantum theory basically says fundamental particles are empty of inherent existence and exist in an undefined state of potentialities.

They do not become “real” until a mind interacts with them and gives them meaning.

Stated simply, “you get what you are looking for” or “what you consistently focus your attention on you manifest in your life.

Here's an enjoyable, animated 5 minute video that helps you understand:

How Can Quantum Physics Change Your Life?

It is scientifically proven that thoughts are energy.

Science has now proven that we can create and choose our own reality based upon where we consistently focus our energy. (Thoughts)

Physicists have proven without a doubt the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes in and out of existence over and over in a millisecond.

Nothing is solid. Not your car, your furniture, your house or even your body.

Quantum physicists have also proven our thoughts are what brings together and holds together this sea of energy into the “things” we see.

One of the most exciting discoveries is the whole concept that it is our thoughts, and not just our actions that create our reality.

Traditionally most of us have been trained to believe that it is what we DO or don’t do that creates our reality.

Quantum physics has actually revealed that every conscious and subconscious thought you have creates your reality.

Therefore, awareness of your thoughts is vital to your success

When one understands the principles of Quantum Physics, it is easy to see most of us have attracted our current reality by default. (i.e. The subconscious has been operating on auto-pilot.)

I have been pounding this into your brain throughout this tutorial. The majority of your thoughts are coming from the subconscious mind.

You may recall from Step One, recent scientific brain research discoveries prove your subconscious mind thinks in five areas at once while your conscious mind thinks in only one area of your brain.

Studies have shown that your subconscious mind is actually 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.

On top of this, your conscious thoughts tend to be self-limiting due to genetic DNA inherited from ancestors and your childhood programming.

When you focus on your limitations, you attract more limitations. When you focus on your desires, you attract more of what it is you desire.

Really it boils down to cause and effect. Thoughts are the cause and the effect is your current reality. Change the cause (thoughts) and you ultimately change your (reality) effect.

Only through awareness of your conscious and subconscious thoughts can you learn to control and harness your amazing power to make your dreams become your reality.

Most wealthy individuals do a lot less than you might think they do. Whether they realize it or not, it is more about what they think, than what they do!

Now Napoleon Hill’s quote “anything the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” makes perfect sense.

If you can think of it, you can manifest it!

The potentiality for success already exists within you. By focusing on your desires and expressing gratitude for what is already yours, in essence you have already manifested success.

The words quantum physics might conjure up the image of a bunch of scientists in white coats and intimidate the hell out of you.

Do some of your own research. Discover the potential you already have within you to live the life of your dreams.

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