The Art of Letting Go

(3.ii) An Important Aspect
Of Emotional Well-Being

Forgiveness is a concept many people are not willing to grasp.

Why should you forgive that evil person who caused you so much pain?

Simple – the only person you hurt when holding a grudge is yourself. Letting go of the past is the only way you will move into the present moment and find peace of mind.

Read on to see exactly what I mean by this.

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There is a Zen parable which explains this concept quite well. It is about two Buddhist monks walking through the woods when they came upon a woman in her wedding dress, standing by a stream and crying.

The first monk asked why she was crying.

She was on her way to be married, but the boat was not there to take her across the stream. Now, if she crosses the stream her dress will be soiled and her wedding day will be ruined.

Without hesitation, the first monk picked her up and carried her safely to the other side.

As the two monks continued their journey, the second monk refused to speak. Finally, the first monk asked why his companion was bothered.

The second monk stated it was against their beliefs to touch or even converse with a female.

The first monk then politely said "I put her down on the other side of the stream, why can’t you?"

I just love these parables; they put complex issues into such clear perspective.

Forgiving someone is absolutely vital to increased energy, physical and emotional health.

When you refuse to let go and hold on to a grudge, the only person you truly hurt is yourself.

Are you are choosing to remain the "victim"?

Forgiveness allows you to take back your personal power and move forward.

When you are upset with another, stew about it, hold a grudge and constantly run the incident through your mind, you are using up a huge amount of your personal energy.

Meanwhile, the person who triggered this grudge usually has no more thought about it and moves on. They don’t waste time or energy even giving it a second thought.

They believe they were right and frankly, as far as they are concerned that’s it, that’s all – period.

It takes negative energy to remain hurt or angry. It takes conscious thought and energy to focus on whatever the problem was.

When you are focusing your energy on the grudge, you ultimately attract more of this negativity into your life. You are sending the clear message to your subconscious this grudge is important to you.

Remember always your subconscious is your servant and it never fails to provide you with more of whatever you focus your energies on.

Therefore if you continue to focus on whatever has triggered your negative emotion, you will attract more of it.

Perhaps if you a drive a car this will clarify things. Have you ever become upset at an inconsiderate driver? If yes, chances are good you continued to think about it and perhaps even tell others.

The more you thought and talked about the driver, the more you were unconsciously attracting the same behavior from other drivers.

Soon you find yourself in all kinds of situations such as drivers cutting you off, not letting you into traffic, pulling up close to another car so you can’t change lanes, and so on.

It is not a coincidence that you were suddenly finding yourself constantly facing these situations with inconsiderate drivers.

You were attracting it!

Let go, forgive and learn the life lesson each situation is intended to teach.

Through forgiveness, you are programming your subconscious to focus on the goals you desire and are moving forward. Refusing to let go is resistance to what you don’t want and attracting more of whatever you are resisting.

Personally, I choose to look at this from the point of view that if I let go and move on, my mind is clear to concentrate on what I desire in life.

If I am holding on to the pain, this is time taken away from focusing on my goals.

Two Universal Laws which relate to forgiving:

The Law of No Judgments:

The Universal Spirit does not judge us. Judgments are human inventions used to compare, contrast and control as we judge ourselves and others against artificial and often idealistic standards of perfection, morality or truth. Under the Law of Equalities, our judgments attract judgment to us in equal measure.

The Law of Forgiveness:

This law works with the energy of allowing and seeing all as love, so you may rid yourself of the unnatural feeling of getting even. Revenge, “an eye for and eye” keeps your vibrations very low. With forgiveness, releasing old anger, the Law of Grace is allowed to intercede and dispense with the karma stored in your akasha. (You can do a web search for “akashic records" to learn more about the vast storehouse of personal files on every being.)

Non-violence is a natural outflow of the Law of Forgiveness and love. All good comes from forgiveness. Forgiveness quiets your mind (you are no longer holding on to a grudge). Forgiveness and gentleness are qualities of the self-possessed and represent eternal value.

I hope this short page has opened your eyes and helped you to realize your emotional well-being is greatly affected when you refuse to let go.

Stop hurting yourself with negative emotion. Let it go now!

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