Self Help Workshop: Step Six
Easy Goal Setting

Learn How and Why To Set Goals Now!!!

Goal setting is a forward thinking process everyone knows will improve their success rate; yet only a select few will actually do it!

Many of you may spend more time planning your next vacation or perhaps even next weekend; than the time spent on planning your life.

That's pretty sad when you think about it.

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For those reading this who already have written goals – good for you!

You are probably tired of hearing others preach about the values of setting concrete goals. Well, trust me, there are valid reasons why you need to set goals now.

For starters:

  1. Focusing on what you want (instead of what you don't want) creates new neural pathways in the brain which are in harmony with your conscious desires.
  2. How can you possibly get what you want if you don't know what it is? It doesn't matter whether you are looking to acquire wealth, enjoy excellent relationships, become more spiritual, etc. To get anywhere in life, you need to know "exactly" what you want.

Rather than close your mind to this information, I suggest you read it anyway and maybe, just maybe you will learn a few valuable tips to improve your current goal setting techniques.

For the rest of you who have not written out your goals, let’s try a simple mental exercise to see if I can motivate you.

Imagine you are given the opportunity to be at your own funeral. Listen to what your friends and relatives are saying about you. (Not prepared speeches from the podium, but in the general conversations around the room.)

How do they describe you?

  • Were you a loving, caring individual? 
  • Were you well-liked with many great friends? 
  •  What did you accomplish? 
  •  Were you devoted to your family and provide for their needs? 
  •  Did you take care of both your physical and emotional health?

Allow yourself to really get into this exercise and see your true self from the perspective of those who love and care about you.

Now, do the same mental exercise, only this time imagine yourself as someone who set goals and planned their own life, lived their dreams and made the changes necessary to become the person they chose to be.

Okay, tell me, which one of these two people do you really want to be?

Your life is the result of every thought you have and decision you make or choose not to make.

Choose now to live a life full of passion and excitement. One you have consciously planned for yourself instead of allowing life to just happen.

The choice is yours and no one else has the power to decide for you. Hopefully you will choose to be empowered by all the potential that exists within you right now.

You don’t need more money, a better education, luck or more connections. Everything you will ever need to be happy and successful is already within you.

The rest will come when you are ready.

What Will Stop You?

There are probably as many reasons to avoid goal setting as there are to set goals.

We’ve all set goals or made New Year’s resolutions such as quitting smoking, losing weight, beginning an exercise program or securing a new job, only to fail and become discouraged.

Nobody in their right mind wants to set themselves up to fail. It feels rotten!

The major roadblocks to setting goals and following through are in your subconscious mind – your old, non-supporting beliefs.

Let go of your old beliefs about what should be – instead focus on what you would like to happen. This way, your subconscious mind is not threatened by change.

Change can cause you to feel anxious or nervous. These feelings are interpreted by your reptilian brain (deep limbic system) to mean danger and the amygdala will trigger the fight or flight response.

Fear is another obstacle. Not just fear of failure, but also fear of success. Human nature is to avoid anything perceived to cause pain.

Remember, fear is an emotion. It is caused by your thoughts. Control and change your thoughts and eliminate the fear.

Lack of Persistence is another key reason for failure. Scientific research proves you need to devote 21 to 30 “consecutive” days to re-program your subconscious with new habits.

As you begin goal setting, I would like you to keep in mind the lessons from each step of this workshop. Especially important are the discoveries from scientific brain research explained in Step One.

In Step One I also stated success is 90% the result of your subconscious beliefs. When you consciously communicate with your subconscious (give it direction) the subconscious is more likely to provide solutions, ideas and occurrences which coincide with your instructions.

Then by providing positive reinforcement to your subconscious it works even harder to manifest your desires.

Think of employees. Who works harder, the ones who are criticized and degraded or the ones who are praised for every little thing they do well?

Although I have only provided a few reasons you could fail to follow through with goal setting, realize they all point to one humungous reason – your subconscious programming.

If you have followed each step and done the work, you should be well on your way to overcoming any and all obstacles to achieving your dream life.

Confused About Proper Goal Setting Techniques?

I certainly was when I first began reading about others who achieved success and promoted the virtues of goal setting.

I was one of those people who wanted to do everything perfectly. I began reading every book I could find which explained proper goal setting techniques.

The more I read, the more I discovered concepts which were often contradictory and confusing.

For example:

  • One expert will tell you to focus on only one goal at a time, while another says you can’t have too many goals.
  • Some preach you need to choose a specific date for accomplishment and others will tell you to visualize the goal as already accomplished.
  • Many explain you need a plan to achieve your goals and others claim the goal itself is important and a plan will be revealed to you when the time is right.
Out of all this confusion, I came to an important conclusion – just set goals. I spent so much time researching the best technique; I wasn’t making any decisions about what I wanted.

Over time, I have developed a goal setting process that works for me and makes sense. I suggest you study my suggestions and only use the ones that make sense to you. Allow your intuition to be your guide.

Nothing is carved in stone here. You can always makes changes and tweak your technique.

Why Set Goals?

The obvious answer is to get clear on exactly what you choose to be, have or do in this lifetime.

Goal setting helps you to become definitive about what you desire, instead of just letting life happen without any conscious choice or input.

Once you have set goals, you then have the ability to focus and keep your attention where you choose.

As a result of focused attention on your goals, you will:

  1. Discover your direction (path) in life.
  2. Keep yourself motivated, excited and passionate about the possibilities.
  3. Increase your vibration to be more in harmony with your desires by focusing on positive outcomes.
  4. Re-program your subconscious to be in harmony with your conscious choices.
  5. Quiet all the noise in your brain and eliminate many outside distractions. (fear, worry, anxiety)
  6. Accelerate your success through positive attraction. (Law of Attraction, quantum physics)

Every game needs to have goals. Can you imagine how boring a sport such as baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey or football would be if there was no way to score – to measure success?

Now think of all the excitement at a game when someone scores or gets a goal.

Doesn’t it make sense you will experience this same excitement when you achieve a goal?

Goals are an excuse to play the game of life!

They are what we use to measure and celebrate our successes.

In the following sections I will walk you through each step of the goal setting process. Upon completion, you will have clear, concise, properly worded goals to use daily.

Click the links below in the order they are listed. Take as much time as you need to fully complete each section before moving to the next one.

I truly hope I have presented a strong case as to why goal setting is so vitally important to your success - in any area of life.

(6.i) Goal Planning Tips to help decide what you want and list your desires.

(6.ii) Beyond SMART Goals An in-depth self help checklist to ensure your goals are well-balanced and do not contradict each other.

(6.iii) Set Your Goals This section helps to word your goals properly for maximum impact on the subconscious mind.

(6.iv) Achieving Goals Now that you have properly crafted your goals, this section explains how to make your dreams become your reality.