Live Your Best Life NOW!

It is TIME to seriously LIVE your BEST LIFE NOW!

We spend too much time in life, wasted, in fear of many aspects of life. Isn't it about time to move forward?

I've written about different self help programs I've taken over the years... this time, I am sharing my experience with John Assaraf's Neurogym programs!

Neurogym has free webinars that ROCK!

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Neurogym has three different programs that I sincerely believe could help you Live Your Best Life Now.

Winning the Game of Fear: Retirees often have anxiety, especially during the Retirement Transition phase of retirement. Kick your Anxiety to the curb and start living again. 

Winning the Game of Weight Loss: If you are not healthy, your retirement years are adversely affected. You can seriously stop  impulse eating. Feel like yourself again. You can overcome overeating with brain training! 

Winning the Game of Money: Financial fears rule many retirements. When is enough, enough? Even without "enough", life can be great... tight maybe, but there is still plenty of fulfillment! This program can help you get past your fears, and gain new strategies for increasing your income (if you wish) or simply your perspective and your life!

You Are What You Think

I truly believe in the power of our minds to control so much in our life, even our health.

Ever heard the saying "You are what you think"?  

Some people call this, in part, the Law of Attraction. If you think, day in and day out, that senior life sucks or that you can't do whatever it is -- you are right. Your life will live out what your subconscious thinks to be true.

If, instead, you train your mind, so that your subconscious starts to leave behind your Old Story -- and believes your new thoughts for your new Retired Story. LIFE changes. 

Wendy's Neurogym Experience

Enter Neurogym into my life... yet, one more training for my life! This program is all about how the brain functions and I find it fascinating. Fun Fun! I love this neuroscience stuff!

I started with Neurogym in late 2016, I have completed two programs, one of which I listen to here and there all year round (3 years later). My mindset, I truly believe, has changed. I feel I've gained so much, I will repeat it again, as many others do. 

What happens in the program... you listen to an Innercise every day for a week. Each week, you get a new video and new Innercise audio which you repeatedly listen to. The odd thing, some is training (the knowledge videos) but the audio is John Assaraf's voice but often "scattered" sounding. Sometimes his voice is talking and telling two different stories at the same time so you hear bits and pieces of it. Your subconscious hears it all, it's not important that you understand it all.  

The Neurogym Facebook group has over 20,000 members, and they share real life - their successes and their fears daily. It's a phenomenal group, with so much help from both Neurogym staff and the faithful followers.

OK, the real reason I'm writing this... I am doing things I've never done! Love that! Usually I shy away from any requests on my first site:, preferring to do my normal everyday writing instead.

Week 10 of Neurogym was about F.E.A.R. and it hit home with me, big time! I'm a little bit anxious sometimes, aren't we all? Yep... but I am now called: No Fear Wendy. Yeah, right,... Hey, I'm getting better! GRIN!

So, this is what has happened in 2016 as I was completing the course:

  • I received an email from a new Retirement Coach site. This guy is looking to start an organization for Retirement Coaches, complete with the first conference in 2017. Guess what? He lives an hour from me, here in Michigan, and that's where the first conference will be. He is busy working on his new venture, we've connected, and will see what happens soon!
  •  I received an email from Kristina Mastrocola, Senior Editor at Women's World Magazine, asking to interview me. She does a weekly column, Ask America's Ultimate ExpertsRead about my interview here.
  • Lastly, at least at this point (wow -- isn't THAT brave of me, sounds like I am looking forward to the next opportunity!) -- I got a message on Facebook. Carolyn is doing live radio, from Arizona, for a new show called Second Wind Success. She asked me to be on the show. WOW! Yes, I'm scared, you've likely seen my videos, I'm not the best speaker... but I will do this too, soon!
  • I can't even believe this -- but 2 days after posting this, I am back! I got an email this morning from the Founder of Feedspot. He writes: "I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog one of the Top 100 Retirement Blogs on the web.  I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Retirement Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!" I am seriously honored to be on this list... I am #37 of 100 in 2019. This is really motivating to me! Thank you Feedspot!
  • One week later, again, I was granted a scholarship to Bill Baren's The Big Shift Experience 2017 conference in San Jose, California in March! I am absolutely thrilled because Bill Baren is a fabulous Coach and now I get to learn from the best! I put off applying for days, and finally "just did it" and guess what? They accepted me! Woo Hoo! The cost of the program was $997... so that's a pretty cool Coaching scholarship to receive!

Wendy, having fun being fearless! Yikes!

Register for a Free Webinar to see how interesting Neuroscience & Your Mindset works! Take action and help yourself live the best life possible!

  • Winning the Game of Weight Loss: If you are not healthy, your retirement years are affected. Weight often carries a role in being healthy. Is this you? Forget diets, you can overcome with brain training!
  • Winning the Game of Money: Financial fears rule many retirements. This program can help you get past your fears, and gain new strategies for increasing your income and your life!