If I Can Only Imagine!

(4.i) the Power of Imagination & Visualization

If I can only imagine success using proper visualization techniques and I have no other resources, chances are better than good I will achieve success.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
~ Albert Einstein~

Even though I have already touched on visualization, I am now going into detail so you totally grasp its enormous potential.

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Here’s a quick refresher from Step One regarding important scientific human brain research discoveries which apply to visualization:

  • Subconscious cannot tell the difference between truth and a lie, reality or imagination.
  • Subconscious sees in pictures, images and patterns.
  • Actions always come from the images (pictures) you create in your mind.
  • The more you send an image down a neural pathway the clearer, easier and quicker it fires in the order you have visualized.
  • Strong emotion attached to any visualization increases the ease in which the neurode pattern fires.
  • It takes 21 to 30 days to create a new habit. (New neurode patterns that become relied on the most)

It is often stated “when you can see it and believe it, you will achieve it”. Everything starts in your imagination.

Therefore, if I can only imagine it as real, I can achieve it.

We live into the picture we have created of ourselves. Only you have the power to imagine a "new picture" of yourself and re-create your future – right now!

Using the information from the human brain research, I now know if I can only imagine success, using emotionally charged visualization, I can program my subconscious to believe I am successful.

The subconscious then works around the clock to provide information, ideas, opportunities, introductions and so on, as it now operates from the belief of success.

Use your imagination to dream up anything you desire and with proper visualization cement new beliefs (neurode patterns) into your subconscious.

Top athletes have known about and used visualization for years. Think about Tiger Woods. Here is a professional golfer who has learned to use the powers of visualization on demand.

Many of the innovative thinkers in this world were able to project themselves into the future, see their idea or product as it would be when totally completed and then returned to the present moment to implement their ideas.

Now that’s what I call power!

Visualization creates reality!

Through proper visualization, you are harnessing the massive power of your subconscious to work on goals even when you are sleeping.

Perhaps now you understand if “I can only imagine” success, I can achieve it!

Are you excited yet? You should be!

The Universal Law of Abundance:

By creating visualizations of abundance we draw this energy of success into our reality. Success or abundance does not only apply to money. For example you can have an abundance of love, health, relationships and happiness. When creating abundance of wealth, remember to be IN this world but not OF this world. You are not defined by your possessions.

Scientific research tells us visualization works. The Universal Laws tell us visualization works. Is there any question in your mind if "I can only imagine" I can achieve?

Is there any question you too can use your imagination to achieve with visualization?

Try it! Once you become proficient, you'll love it! The phrase “I can only imagine” will have a new meaning for you too.

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