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Breaking the Habit of Failure

(1.vii) Be The Master Of Your Own Mind

Breaking the habit of failing – WOW - sounds intimidating! Is it truly possible or are you doomed to remain as you are?

Right now as you read this, realize your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs were formed automatically by your subconscious without your awareness. (Unless of course you have already taken steps to program it, at which point I don’t think you would be reading this information.)

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Everyone pretty much understands “Knowledge is Power.” You are about to see for yourself (based on scientific research) how the brain automatically records self-limiting beliefs.

With this knowledge (power) you can begin "breaking the habit" and consciously choose to influence your subconscious.

In this section I will explain:

  1. Conscious thought is the stimulus for creating a new brain memory.
  2. Repetition is making memory (neurode patterns) without your awareness.
  3. How your subconscious relies on these neurode patterns to develop bad habits, self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage unconsciously. For probably the first time in your life, you will see the contributing factor to your lack of success. You will easily understand why emotions such as anxiety, depression or fear are stopping you from change and ultimately success.
  4. An effective technique for breaking the habit of automatic unconscious programming.

Wendy's Two Cents:

Gene calls this page "Breaking Habits", and it certainly is... but I also wanted to say this is what Affirmations is all about. Your mind is stuck in some old outdated patterns (habits, self-thoughts, and  even deep beliefs that may or may not be true... but you really think they are) and with repetition through affirmations, you can really and truly break your old stinking-thinking!

You can do this. It sounds too simple. It really is simple... IF you can do this over and over so that you subconscious finally believes this new reality for you! I've done this and you can too. 

Read this page over and over, understand it thoroughly... that's the key to changing your life realities!

I explained in the section Mind Power - Thinking Large scientific research showing the human brain thinks in six areas at once.

Only one sixth of your thinking power is conscious and the other five sixths are non-conscious.

When controlling your conscious thoughts, you are breaking the habit of allowing the subconscious to be programmed with bad habits and beliefs you don't want.

Be prudent! Understand how the human brain controls without your conscious awareness. Then apply this knowledge so you too can begin breaking the habit of failure and take back control.

Here is what researchers have discovered:

  • Non-conscious thoughts “fire” based on your conscious thoughts, as neuron impulses going down a set of brain cells called a “neuron pattern.”

Allow me to restate this: Everything starts with a conscious thought!

Many of your emotions, beliefs, attitudes and actions are the product of a thought originating from your conscious mind.

  • You cannot be angry without the conscious thought you are upset.
  • You cannot be depressed without the conscious thought your life is depressing.
  • You cannot be anxious without a conscious thought such as fear you are not good enough or not capable.
  • You will be happy only when you have the conscious thought you are happy.

Consciously you probably did not choose to experience your current reality. Unconsciously, by allowing your thoughts to go unchecked (not breaking the habit) you have inadvertently programmed your subconscious.

We cannot directly control our subconscious thoughts. However, we can monitor and control our conscious thoughts.

Indirectly we then influence the subconscious. This is where you can develop your true power.

  • The more you repeat a conscious thought, the easier it becomes for this thought to travel down the same neurode pattern.

To give you a visual example, pretend your mind is like an overgrown jungle. The first time you cut a new path through a jungle it requires some effort.

Each time you travel on the same path it takes a lot less effort to clear your way.

Soon, there is only minor maintenance needed to keep the path clear and it is now easy to travel down. It makes good sense to then continue using a cleared path as opposed to cutting a new once each time you need to travel.

Your thoughts are similar. When you repeat the same thoughts, they go down the same neural pathway. Eventually, if the thought is repeated often enough, it becomes a neurode pattern (pathway) that fires easily in your subconscious.

Thoughts take the path of least resistance!

Hang in there. You will soon see how this can help in breaking the habit of allowing automatic subconscious programming.

  • Neuron patterns that fire the easiest are stored in the largest numbers and are relied upon the most.

Your dominant conscious thoughts are directly responsible for creating the neurode patterns which ultimately run on auto pilot and control you.

The larger the group of neurons stored in a neuron pattern, the more power the group has and therefore the more control it has over your beliefs, actions, feelings and conscious thoughts.

Only you can choose whether your subconscious is automatically programmed for failure or consciously programmed by yourself for success.

Making memory on auto pilot can easily result in a bad habit or negative belief. Breaking the habit of allowing yourself to travel down a self-serving emotional path does much good for your personal development.

At some point in life, most of us have been stung by harsh words that left a scar. Perhaps someone insulted you with a comment such as “You’re stupid” or “You’re lazy.”

When the comment was directed at you, a new recording was created in your subconscious mind.

If you attached strong emotion to the remark such as anger, the subconscious then acts as though the thought is important to you.

You then consciously replay the comment over and over in your mind. Perhaps you may even tell others exactly what happen. Each time you replay the event, your subconscious believes it is happening all over again.

In the previous brain science lesson In My Mind - Is This Reality I explained how the subconscious does not distinguish the difference between real and imagined.

Have you ever witnessed anyone explaining in detail how upset they are about a negative comment someone made about them?

The more they explain the angrier they become as they relive the event and their feelings. This strong emotion imprints the importance you place on the comment.

With each replay of the event, especially with strong emotion attached, the more you create brain memory of the words “I am stupid” or “I am lazy.” It then becomes easier and easier for this neurode pattern to fire.

Eventually, with enough repetition (especially with strong emotion attached) you have successfully created a brain memory and the bad habit of thinking “I am lazy” or “I am stupid” both of which have now become your self-limiting beliefs.

All of this happened as the result of a rude comment which created a thought. The thought became (new reality) a programmed belief.

If you were breaking the habit of automatic subconscious programming, this could not have happened.

  • Now, let’s look at a technique to develop a healthy habit and begin breaking the habit of failure.

As I stated, you can control your thoughts only at the conscious level.

Therefore, you can consciously choose to focus your attention and indirectly influence your subconscious.

First, become aware of, acknowledge and accept your thoughts and feelings.

Second, let go of any emotional attachment you have to the negative thoughts or feelings. (Techniques for releasing will be explained in Step Three)

Once you have acknowledged and released the emotion, it no longer has any power over you.

Third, you can take this opportunity to program yourself with positive self talk.

Do this by changing the direction of your mind with positive statements such as “I choose to be intelligent” or “I choose to be ambitious and get things done quickly.”

The more emotion you can attach to a positive statement, the more you flag it in your subconscious as being important.

Hopefully, you also understand by using repetition you are creating a neurode pattern that your subconscious will rely on.

To remind you of recent scientific brain research discoveries I have previously explained on this site:

  • Every belief you have started out as a lie. (e.g. What are you, stupid!)
  • The subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and imagined.
  • The subconscious doesn’t distinguish between truth and a lie.

With repetition of the same unchallenged negative thoughts you automatically create your own self-limiting neurode patterns (beliefs) by default.

On the other hand, breaking the habit of allowing your subconscious to run on auto pilot is simple to do with repetition of positive self-talk.

Choose to fuel your success by consciously programming your mind with empowering neurode patterns. (New beliefs or perhaps a healthy habit)

Thoughts (neurode patterns) fired the most become relied on the most.

To cement this new neurode pattern into being, repeat your thoughts for a minimum of 21 to 30 days to create a new habit or belief.

To assist you in breaking the habit of failing, remember this phrase:


I learned it when selling real estate. It used to bother me immensely as I had no desire to be a “phony” or pretend to be something I wasn’t.

Now I know better. We are responsible for creating our own reality, beliefs and healthy habits.

With a clear understanding of this verifiable, scientific research explaining the way we create brain memory, I choose think and act in a manner consistent with my goals.

How about you? Are you ready to begin breaking the habit of failure?

Remember, the non-conscious mind is not judging anything you tell it to believe.

I have saved the best for last. The final section on brain research reveals some very exciting information we can all use to help overcome life's difficulties and achieve our goals.

Go to your next brain science lesson and discover Mind Control