Self Help Workshop: Step Five 
Enchanted Learning

Are you ready for some enchanted learning?

Up until now, every step in this free workshop has been expanding your awareness and awakening you to the possibilities.

Hopefully you understand my explanations and have been applying some of the tools and techniques I have provided in each of the steps.

Follow the Self Help Workshop links, on the top navigation bar. This free information has been strategically placed in a specific order for your benefit; to help you achieve quick results. The Self Help Workshop starts here!

First a Quick Re-cap:

  • In Step One you learned about the scientific brain research discoveries and how your “Neanderthal brain” (also known as the “deep limbic system”) was pre-programmed to fail through genetic DNA passed on from your ancestors.
  • In Step Two I explained how parents or primary caregivers pre-programmed us in childhood with self-limiting beliefs and habits.

    Also in Step Two, I challenged you to spend at least one week becoming aware of your own self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits by doing some cognitive writing in a journal.

    Remember – an unexamined life is a wasted life!

  • In Step Three I provided numerous techniques to help you release the emotional attachment to your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. This releasing is very effectively “clearing the path” for your success.
  • Lastly, in Step Four I explained various tools to quickly re-program your subconscious with new beliefs which harmoniously support your personal development and success.
Assuming you have done all the above, your subconscious mind is now open for expanding your awareness of the magnificent potential which exists within you right now; with knowledge that could be considered magical or – enchanted!

Enchanted Learning:

Enlightening research in the last two decades, covering the mental and emotional sciences, has made it possible for us to effect rapid and lasting changes in our lives. Now that’s what I call truly enchanted learning.

Interestingly enough science now confirms what spiritualists have been telling us for hundreds of years; we are all “one energy”.

Ancient mystical teachings, psychology, cellular biology and quantum physics are now in harmony regarding why we experience life in any given manner.

By now you have probably heard the phrase “we attract what we think about”. Metaphysics calls this the “Law of Spiritual Attraction” and science calls this principle “Quantum Physics”.

There is a major shift happening in the “world consciousness” right now.

People are no longer satisfied to work 40 to 60 hours per week, take home a pay check, be straddled with huge debt and wonder why their life “sucks”.

This curiosity has led many of us to begin opening doors, asking questions and discovering the missing pieces to life’s puzzle. Many have discovered their own enchanted learning through the principles explained within the Universal Laws and Quantum Physics.

A little as twenty years ago, this information would have been considered ridiculous. Now, due to the amazing success achieved by those who have learned and applied the principles of Quantum Physics and the Universal Laws, it is difficult and also unwise to dismiss this information as rubbish.

I am asking you right now to suspend any old, remaining self-limiting beliefs as they have the potential to close your mind to the possibilities.

Instead remain open to the magical existence you too can enjoy with some enchanted learning, courtesy of both science and mystical teachings.

Without any further rambling on my behalf, you can begin right now to expand your awareness and click the link below to move ahead to "Quantum Physics".

I have chosen to start with quantum physics as most humans are more moved to take action when presented with scientific research as opposed to mystical teachings.

Although each takes a different path they both arrive at similar conclusions - what we think about we attract.

(5.i) Quantum Physics and Success A science based self help tool. A basic understanding of quantum physics will open your mind to the possibilities.

(5.ii) Universal Laws and You Self help rules to play the game of life.

(5.iii) The Law of Vibration Self help to change your energy and raise your vibration to attract good.

(5.iv) The Law of Attraction Self help to attract positive. Like attracts like. This law works in harmony with the Law of Vibration.