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Self help articles are a great way to continue learning and expanding your awareness.  

Thanks to the internet, we now have the ability to learn about new tips, techniques and information immediately.

Through articles authored by myself and others in their area of expertise or experience, you too can keep abreast of thoughts and ideas to stimulate the growth of new neuron patterns in your "grey matter" (brain).

Remember the expression "use it or lose it" applies to your brain too. Learning anything new will create new neuron connections in your brain and greatly enhance your mental skills.

Also, if there is a particular personal development or self help subject you would like included, by all means feel free to send a note using the "Contact Me" in the left navigation bar.

Self Help For Anxiety

How to Relieve Stress

How to Learn Meditation

How to Forgive 

Letting Go of the Past

How to Cope with Anger

Are Your Thoughts Killing You?

Hypnosis Myths Exposed


The Meaning of Life

Physics of Gratitude

Self Confidence

I hope you have found value in the above self help articles. If there is a particular self help topic which you would like to see an article posted, feel free to use the "Contact Me" button to submit your request.

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Go to Self Help Tutorial Introduction

Step One - Scientific Brain Research learn about recent scientific discoveries, how they can help you achieve success and how genetic DNA sabotages your efforts.

Step Two - Child Development explains how you were trained to fail during your early childhood development years. You will also learn how to become aware of self-limiting, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.

Step Three - Personal Change Management provides various techniques to neutralize the power of these subconscious blocks; effectively clearing the path for your success.

Step Four - The Human Brain - Techniques To Change Your Life provides tips and techniques to re-program your subconscious with new beliefs and habits to supercharge your personal growth and success.

Step Five - Enchanted Learning I touch on quantum physics and the Universal Laws. It is amazing to see how both science and spirituality have finally arrived at the same conclusions.

We are all one energy and we have a vested interest in helping ourselves to ultimately help others.

Step Six - Easy Goal Setting Steps is a goal setting tutorial. We all know the value of written goals, yet few of us actually have them.

This step shows you how to define which goals are really important using a checklist to balance your goals and all the aspects of life they cover. Also, I help create properly worded goals and explain how you can use them to influence your subconscious.