Workshop: Introduction

Self help, personal development and self-improvement are topics of considerable interest to pretty much everyone on the planet. Why not use this Growth Mindset workshop to push yourself beyond what  you ever thought possible? Just Do It!

In 1975 my life was a total mess. I was depressed, unemployed and my 5 year marriage was ending.

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A friend gave me “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This started me on a personal development journey that took over 25 years before I finally understood why permanent success was eluding me.

Over those years I spent thousands of dollars (money I didn’t have) for self-improvement books, audio programs and training courses.

I began setting goals, repeating affirmations and anxiously waited for success to arrive at my doorstep. Life was a roller coaster ride of successful highs only to be followed by the deepest lows where I would sabotage my own efforts and lose everything.

I tried to change my life with just about every self help and personal development book, audio program or course imaginable. If the sales pitch claimed to have the answers I was looking for, I bought it.

After 25 years with no permanent success, my beliefs had become quite tainted. I began thinking maybe I was just a big dreamer with no hope for success and only those promoting self help information were making it. Permanent, positive change seemed impossible.

I also began to question if I was destined to be angry, depressed and financially distraught with one bad relationship after another. Were there any answers to help me?  

Many of you may have come to the conclusion misinformation is abundant in the self help industry. Perhaps you have also acquired self help books and courses which have provided little to no relief from the nagging problems in your life.

News flash folks! The self help information isn’t flawed. It is the thinking on both the conscious and subconscious levels. I was mistakenly looking outside of myself for answers.

Finally, I Got It!!!

In the Western world, we are educated to look outside ourselves for validation. We want more money to acquire “things” with the mistaken belief this is the source of happiness.  

The true source of love, health, happiness and financial success cannot be found outside of ourselves – each of these is already within us. The key is learning how to access and activate that which we already possess.

This was the turning point, where I began researching the human brain. I started asking myself questions such as:

  • Why do I think the thoughts I do?
  • In my mind, what is stopping me from being successful?
  • Are my beliefs valid?
  • Where do these beliefs come from?
  • How can I learn to become aware of these negative thoughts and beliefs?
  • How can I get rid of these self-limiting beliefs?
  • How can I change my hidden subconscious beliefs to be in harmony with my conscious desires?
  • Why does my mind operate this way?

Most of us have no clue how the human brain operates on auto-pilot to controls us!!!

Early in my sales career a wise teacher explained success is 90% about you and only 10% the product you sell.

This formula also applies to self help, personal development and self-improvement. Success is 90% attributable to your mind, how you think and even more specifically how you don’t think (intuition).

To spend an entire life without ever taking the time to learn how our brain functions, why we think the thoughts we do and why we continue to struggle with relationships, finances and health, is to live a life full of missed opportunities.

We spend years getting an education to learn a trade, skill or career path. However, few ever take the time to learn and understand the only true source of their power - the human brain.

Fortunately for all of us, there have been huge advancements in the scientific brain research during the last 10 to 15 years which can easily be applied to self help for personal development.

Amazing research findings in the fields of biology and quantum physics now correlate spiritual beliefs which have been in existence for numerous years.

It is no longer a guessing game which self help techniques work and which ones don’t.

You have been looking for answers. I give them to you in this Free Self Help Workshop. Now is the time for you to wake up – to become consciously aware! I can help you shorten the time line by providing information and techniques that work.

I am not going to try and sway you with pie in the sky promises. Instead I am presenting you with evidence of which self help techniques work; some of it based on scientific brain research. You will know intuitively the information is valid.

I am going to show you how the “filters” of your past – such as your childhood training, genetic DNA, education and social environment – have been helping your subconscious to continue controlling you.

My goal is to help you become aware of your self-imposed limitations, eliminate their power over you and explain how you can make permanent, positive changes.

Many have a false belief system that we are who we are and nothing can change that.

This is simply not true!!!

Thoughts and feelings which are reinforced by repetition, coupled with strong emotion, create powerful neuron patterns in the brain (memories) which may be negative or positive.

These powerful negative memories are why we suffer.

Perhaps you already have the feeling you can be successful, yet your mind is still full of doubt, fear, anxiety or worry.

Obviously you already know it is possible for you to achieve the dream life; otherwise you wouldn’t be searching the web looking for solutions.

You may think you control your life, but the subconscious has its own agenda and allowing you to choose the life of your dreams is not in this agenda. Its major goal is to control and keep you safe – exactly where you are right now.

You are currently limited by the subconscious operating outside of your conscious awareness.

When the subconscious is threatened and feels it is losing control back to your conscious self, it summons all of its allies to discourage you from moving ahead.

Do not accept how you currently think, feel and act as a given. You deserve the opportunity to awaken and discover who you really are underneath the made up facade of the subconscious mind.

It’s simply not necessary to struggle with either your past memories or attachment to outcomes (goals). Learn how to effectively clear the path for success by releasing your self-limiting beliefs and just as importantly eliminate resistance to “what you don’t have” by learning about detachment.

Perhaps you have already seen “The Secret” movie or studied the Law of Attraction and maybe even quantum physics.

How is that working for you? If I could guess, probably not that well.

Learning techniques and then “trying” to get them to work for you is operating from a position of lack and resistance.

As long as you are coming from that negative place, you will continue to attract more of the same. Knowing this you may try to force yourself to think positive, which creates even more resistance.

You can change your self. You can change your life. You are not destined to remain exactly as you are right now.

I have made every effort in my self help tutorial to expose you to tips and techniques which are effective and easy to apply.

As I discover new information the tutorial is updated. This can aid you with an ever deeper understanding of power you already possess and how you can harness this power to accelerate your personal development.

This “Self Help Workshop” is complimentary – that is I do not charge for it; but you still have to do the work. The good news is that you can change. The bad news is that change requires you to take action.

Often I am asked "why do this for free?"

I began this website by actually writing a book to sell. I was focused on creating something truly valuable to help others.

While writing, often I felt this self help information would have guided me through the tough times, if I could have only found it and then afforded to buy it.

Then intuitively I knew it was imperative to give this information freely, so everyone, including myself, could benefit from my learning.

As you can see, in helping others, I am also helping myself. This is a great lesson for all of us to learn. The more we help others, the more we learn our selves.

It has turned out to be a wise choice. I have rediscovered my passion to help others and through this I too am constantly learning.

The following two quotes sum it up:

Being mortal I know at some point in time I will no longer be here to guide my children and grandchildren.

The information I write for this website will hopefully aid them and you to discover your potential and live a dream life full of love, happiness and success.

To assist you in retaining the information from my self help workshop, I have included a short lesson on an effective learning style.

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Gene Anger, my partner on this site, really knows Self Help. He wrote this Self Help Workshop after studing self help for over 30 years now.  I am truly honored to be working with him here. He knows this growth mindset far deeper than I... but I am quickly catching up. Please Please take this opportunity to use your brain as it was meant to empower your bring peace, contentment, focus and life into perspective again!

Thank You Gene for sharing with the WORLD!  Wendy