Affirmation to Forgive Quickly

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The following affirmation to forgive quickly is offered in the spirit of peace. Just think about it -- if you do not forgive, who is ultimately hurt?  YOU.

The person you are angry at, they are still living life. You are bearing the burden of feeling the hurt and anger... and for peace and to honor your own life, please consider forgiveness as the way out.

Use this forgiveness affirmation below, rewrite whatever doesn't work well for you, but use it. Repeat it  and read it over and over, maybe 20 days, until your mind accepts it as fact... this really can rock your world.

Forgiveness makes room for harmony.

One of my primary goals is to live in oneness with others. I do what is necessary to keep the peace. When I forgive others, it makes room for a harmonious existence.

Each day I face uncomfortable situations that require wisdom to deal with them. Wise thinking guides me to be civil and respectful to those around me. When I begin difficult interactions with respect, it is easier to find common ground.

I avoid feeling offended when someone says or does something unkind. By allowing myself to forgive, I am able to guide our interaction in a positive direction. 

In family situations, I avoid letting familiarity overshadow the importance of harmony. Even though family members are accustomed to my mannerisms, I am careful to respect their feelings.

I am conscious of the importance of harmonious family life. The unit I am a part of serves as my primary support structure. I treat it very carefully.

When a loved one points out how my words hurt them, I am quick to apologize. It is important to let others know that their emotional well-being is a priority for me.

Today, I am committed to going into each situation with a positive mindset. My goal is to ensure continued harmony among my family members, friends, and professional peers. It is easy for me to forgive when I see its impact on relationships.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Which situations make it particularly difficult for me to forgive someone?
  2. In what ways can I promote harmony in my workplace?
  3. How do I respond when someone refuses to accept my apology?

Affirmations For You

Choose any area you want to work on, print the affirmation or carry it on your phone. Every time you think of it, repeat it... verbatim if you are reading it, or as well as you can remember it. It doesn't have to be perfect, you are simply reinforcing the new belief in your subconscious mind... over and over again! 

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