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(3.iii) Eliminating Emotional Baggage

If you need relationship help, here's a quick, effective technique to rid yourself forever of past emotional baggage which could very well be the source of your problem.

Every relationship (especially if it was sexual) results in an emotional attachment to the other person, whether you realize it or not.

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How many times have you caught yourself thinking about someone with whom you have previously been intimate?

Be aware, whether you were thinking of the good or the bad, you are using that relationship as a measuring stick and comparing it with the one you are currently in.

I discovered while applying this simple method of releasing; all of the emotional baggage I carried from past relationships disappeared immediately.

A word of caution, this technique for relationship help is so profoundly simple your subconscious mind will try to dismiss it as useless. Don't allow your self to be fooled. Use the technique and you will experience first hand the power and personal freedom associated with letting go of past relationships.

The Releasing Technique:

  • Close your eyes and visualize a transparent umbilical cord attaching you to the other person.
  • While you are seeing this cord connecting the two of you, take an invisible pair of scissors and gently cut the cord.
  • Watch as the connection between you both is severed.
  • Visualize the cord shriveling up and totally disappearing after it was cut.
  • In a calm, relaxed manner full of love, visualize yourself saying goodbye to the other person.

I really cannot impress upon you enough that this simple method of disconnecting from past relationships is tremendously effective. It helped me!

To this day I am still astounded at how quickly and easily the burden of past relationships disappeared instantly.

I am not 100% positive, but I believe this technique was introduced to me in one of Louise Hay's books. May have been "Heal Your Life."

Have you tried it yet?

It works great!

Are you ready to move ahead?

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