In My Mind...
Is This Reality?

(1.iv) Subconscious Doesn't Know Real
From Imagined!

Have you ever wondered “is it only in my mind?” Is this reality or is this my imagination running wild?

Think of a sad movie that made you cry (ok tough guy, at least made you choke back the tears) or a horror movie that made you jump.

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Consciously you know it was only a movie, so why do you react with such emotion? Why does your subconscious brain react as if it was reality even though you rationalize "in my mind I know this is just a movie and not real life?"

Brain researchers have determined there are no filters in the subconscious levels of our brain to distinguish the difference between imagination or reality and therefore everything is believed to be real.

Your subconscious brain cannot tell the difference between real and imagined!

The greater the ability of the actors/actresses to portray their part; the more emotion they can show; the more believable their character appears.

Subsequently, the more believable they appear, the easier it is for your subconscious to accept it as truth – movie or not.

So then, is what I am seeing only happening in my mind - or is it reality?

Obviously, it's only a movie!

If the subconscious cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination, how can this information be useful in our personal development efforts?

With proper visualization techniques you can implant imagined scenarios in your mind to effect permanent change.

To give an example, if you wanted to stop procrastination simply practice visualizing yourself doing various tasks through to completion.

After you have repeated the visualizations for seven (7) days, you have created new neural pathways of thought and memory.

Now, you have successfully implanted into your subconscious the belief that you are efficient and get things done. It is truly that simple!

After 21 to 30 days of practicing mentally using visualization techniques, you have successfully created a new “habit.”

Pretty much anything you choose to change about yourself can be changed. The only limitations to changing are old beliefs telling you change is not possible.

Remember, the more you fight for a belief, the more you own it. In other words, the more you resist your inherent ability to change and grow, the more you stay the same.

In my mind, I prefer to use imagination and create the reality I choose. How about you?

Although this section is short, don’t fool yourself into believing it is either too simple to work or not valuable information. It works – period!

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