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Why Are You Stuck?

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Self mastery has always been a challenge for me. I’ve been doing this self-improvement stuff for over 35 years.

Constantly, I am searching for the best, quickest and easiest techniques to change my brain and be the person I choose to be.

Since I began the free tutorial on my website and after receiving numerous emails from others reaching out for help, I have come to realize that pretty much everyone seems to be experiencing many of the same issues I had previously dealt with.

I’ve had relationship issues and been through 2 divorces. I experienced financial success – and poverty to the point of having less than 25 cents in my bank account with no income. I struggled with anger, rage and even depression.

My health deteriorated and in 1987 my doctor announced my test results showed advanced stages of lung cancer and to get my affairs in order quickly.

I am not whining or complaining. I am however trying to make a strong case for why you need to read these words carefully. After all, I did defy death and there has to be an important lesson in there somewhere – right?

While doing research to discover why I was constantly dealing with lack (such as lack of money, good health or great relationships) I was intuitively drawn to learn how our brain functions and the mind/body connection.

Problem #1:

What I learned is we have all this “noise” in our minds - negative thoughts that run constantly on autopilot. Added to this, we are bombarded daily with negative conversations, media coverage of worldwide events that scare the hell out of us, plus so much more.

Brain research shows us whatever thoughts we persistently focus on, especially if there is strong emotion, we automatically create stronger and larger neuron groups in the brain. If you are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings you attract more negative in your life since this is what you are focusing on – unintentionally!

Problem #2:

Research shows memory is stored not only in our brains, but in every cell of the body. Cellular memory therefore compounds the problem of trying to break free of self-sabotage.

If we focus only on training our brains, we are leaving out a vital aspect of retraining – eliminating the negative emotional charge associated with our cellular memory.

Effectively, our entire mind/body system is vibrating from such a low frequency that no matter how much we “try” to be at peace, we just keep attracting more and more negativity.

Why Your Efforts To Change Have Failed:

So, you decide it’s time to make some changes for the better - to achieve self mastery. Perhaps you begin with affirmations and repeat them daily, but see little or no success.

Let me use an analogy to explain “why” your affirmations – or any other technique – are producing such limited results.

You want happiness and peace in your life. Imagine your neighbor has his sound system blasting through the neighborhood, disturbing your peace. To drown out the irritation, you crank up the volume of your radio.

Now you have so much “noise” (competing sound) from the two radios you can’t even hear yourself think.

When you attempt to change the direction of your mind using various techniques, but you haven’t “turned down” the noise of all the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are operating in your energetic system you have conflicting thoughts cancelling each other out and causing lack of focus or direction.

You might want to read the above paragraph again. It is the key stumbling block to making any self-improvement technique work effectively.

It’s easy to prove to yourself how valid this information is. Look at one of your goals – could be for a large sum of money, a relationship, better health, or anything else you really, really desire to achieve.

Now, make it into a positive statement. Example – “I am a millionaire.” Now, repeat the statement with as much positive energy as you can. Then, notice your thoughts and feelings about this.

You will discover your subconscious replying with thoughts like “who are you kidding” or perhaps you will feel stress or anxiety in your system.

What happened was you tried to counteract the negative “noise” in your system by adding more thoughts (noise). It just won’t work!

How to Quickly & Permanently Clear the Path for Self Mastery:

Success is our birthright. It doesn’t need to be something we struggle to achieve. “Trying” to force positive change can produce minimal or short term results and a lot of frustration. Ultimately we fall back to the place of our subconscious comfort.

There’s a simple solution – eliminate all the garbage in your system!

Now, I know from experience “simple is not always easy.”

However, if you are truly devoted to changing your life for the better and achieving self mastery, you need to start by cleaning out all the garbage that has been blocking your progress.

I have been actively searching for a way to permanently eliminate this “noise” to clear the path for success in all areas of my life.

I constantly tell others we live life backwards. We focus on attracting wealth, relationships, etc. If you look at the real reason you desire anything, you will discover everything is for one purpose – to be happy!

Doesn’t it make sense if the goal is to be happy this should be our focus? Be happy now, change your vibration and the rest will begin appearing in our life. The universe will give you more to be happy about.

However, human nature – we don’t like change and our subconscious will provide every conceivable reason as to why you should dismiss this information.

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