The Benefits of Meditation

(4.iii) Discover How It Influences
Your Mind & Body

Meditation used to be considered one of those “New Age” things people did so they could be considered “cool”.

I had tried a few techniques but couldn’t seem to get any positive results and abandoned my efforts.

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Then in 2003 I began exercising with “Tai Chi” and thought perhaps meditating would be a great compliment to my exercise regimen.

After doing some research, I was stunned to discover the benefits for health, personal growth and re-programming the subconscious such as:

  • Reduces the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Boosts your brain function and immune system.
  • Reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Reduces chronic pain.
  • Increases longevity.
  • Balances the right and left brain by creating new neural pathways.
  • Quiets the “noise” in your mind to allow answers to come to you.
  • Helps you to feel more in harmony with everyone and everything, including “Source Energy”.
  • Emotional issues (fear, anxiety, stress, depression, etc) dissipate.

Plus many other benefits not listed here.

I would like to expand on the concept of “quiets the noise in your mind.”

One of the main problems with life today is we have so much going on inside our head, even when our subconscious provides the answers we are desperately seeking, we don't “hear” these messages due to all the “noise”.

When you learn to quiet the mind, you are able to hear the messages being sent by your subconscious.

The subconscious mind is very persistent in trying to get its messages through to your conscious awareness. If you do not pay attention, the message is then sent to you through the body.

This could manifest as muscle tension and cramps, pains throughout your body (especially in the stomach area) disease, colds/flu and numerous other body malfunctions.

The Universal Law of Prayer and Meditation:

Prayer is consciously making an effort to communicate with the Consciousness of Life and its Creator and thus we speak to God. Prayer is also an aligning, cleansing process opening ourselves up to the Source and demonstrating we are anxious for enlightenment and guidance. In prayer we speak to God, but so often do not wait for a reply.

Meditation is the freeing and emptying of ourselves of obstacles that hinder communication and allow us to channel the Source spiritually, mentally and physically. Meditation is likened to God speaking to us, and is the attunement of our physical and mental bodies to their spiritual Source.

When I began looking at the optimum health enjoyed by those who have meditated most of their lives; as well as their calm and peaceful demeanor, I realized there must be a great deal of truth in the positive information I was reading.

Recently I heard a wonderful analogy. Meditating is like rebooting a computer. When there is a problem, you shut everything down so you can start over fresh.

I also discovered it's a great way to increase our vibrational energy level. (More on vibration levels in Step Five)

While doing research on different methods, I read about sound technology using binaural beats to greatly increase the speed at which one can achieve deeper levels.

Armed with this knowledge, I began researching companies which provide this type of technology.

After extensive research I ordered the "Awakening Prologue" from Centerpointe Research. I am an information junkie and their website explained everything I wanted to know in detail.

In September 2003 I started my first guided meditation with the Awakening Prologue. Within minutes, I was in the same meditative state as a 20 to 25 year practitioner.

A few weeks later, my friends began asking me questions such as:

  • Was I working out?
  • Did I lose weight?
  • Did I gain weight?
  • Is that a new suit?
  • Are you in a new relationship?
...and many other questions as well.

Nothing was different except meditating daily. I felt more energized, but really wasn’t aware of any major changes.

I began asking my friends “why the questions?” The common answer was they could see I was very different, but they couldn’t put their finger on exactly what it was.

This is when I truly became a believer. My new daily practice was producing some amazing and interesting results which I hadn't expected to appear so quickly.

While meditating, I merely focus on my breathing - breathing in love, peace and happiness, and breathing out negativity, which I visualize as minus signs.

Whenever I catch myself thinking about anything else, I merely redirect my focus back to breathing.

The support I receive from Centerpointe Research Institute is excellent.

You can go to their web site and order a free demonstration CD, and sign up for the free newsletter which is always full of great information.

Holosync sound technology made it possible for me to achieve a deeper meditative level than I could have ever imagined.

I thank Bill Harris for his research and his program. I continue to enjoy tremendous personal growth and change using his daily guided meditations.

I also believe I would have never even considered putting this website together to benefit others without the clear, focused mind I can directly attribute to my daily meditation.

The Universal Law of Meditation:

This law is defined as a current of unified thought. It is the continuum of mental effort to assimilate the object of meditation, free from any other effort to assimilate other objects. The very least that may happen is the calming of self. When meditating on God, the most profound happening will bring a merging of the two, or enlightenment, as the Buddhists call this occurrence.

You can invest the next twenty to thirty years to enjoy the benefits of regular meditation, or you can experience it within minutes using "Holosync" patented sound technology from Centerpointe Research Institute.

Do you want to learn how to relax yourself instantly and enhance your meditation sessions?

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