Creative Visualization
A Powerful Technique

(4.ii) Visualize Success and ...
Re-program Your Mind

Creative visualization is much more than merely another "technique" to re-program your brain - it is a necessity!

Unfortunately in the "real" world, many of us experience a great deal of difficulty manifesting our desires.

This phenomena is caused because we try to manifest from the current belief of "lack" or something we don't have.

Creative visualization is a process that bridges the gap between what you "believe" you don't have and what is actually already yours.

I know this might sound crazy, but if you look at that statement logically, perhaps you will realize if you are "trying" to achieve something, you are struggling and resisting what you believe you don't already have.

The entire visualization process is to get you in harmony with your desire. If you can think it, you can achieve it, because you already possess it; even though you haven't learned how to "see" it yet.

To visualize effectively, you would allow yourself to get totally into your imagination, seeing and believing you already possess whatever it is you are choosing to manifest.

Creative Visualization Technique:

  1. Only focus your attention on one specific desire during any creative visualization.
  2. Concentrate on your breathing. Deeply breathe in relaxation and exhale tension.
  3. Imagine yourself lying in the shade under a palm tree on a white sand beach with the sun brightly shining. See the red sun and feel the heat; touch the sand; hear the waves gently rolling up to shore and smell the ocean air.

    Really get yourself into the picture and feel the experience.

  4. Starting at the top of your head, begin to mentally relax every muscle from the top of your head all the way down to your toes.
  5. As you are relaxing in the shade, continue to awaken all your senses (taste, touch, smell, hear and feel.)
  6. Once all your senses are fully awakened, stand and find a cool spot in the sand.
  7. Feel all the negativity, tension, stress, anxiety and so on being pulled right out of your body and into this cool spot in the sand.
  8. Now, being totally relaxed and cleansed begin to play a mental movie of yourself doing, being, having or accomplishing your desire in the present tense as if it is happening right now.
  9. See and experience yourself in the smallest details you can envision.
  10. Enlist the power of your emotions to create a positive, joyful experience. Allow yourself to feel what it is like now that you have already achieved your desire.
  11. Say "thank you" to the Universe, showing appreciation for already achieving your desire (goal).
  12. Slowly bring yourself out of this creative visualization. Be one with your desire, accept it is already yours and on its way to you.

    Act like you already possess what you have envisioned.

  13. Smile, be happy and expect answers to come to you throughout the day.
I cannot impress upon you strongly enough the power, value and effectiveness of creative visualization.

When I first began to visualize my goals, it was difficult for me to "feel". If this happens to you too, that's okay. Keep at it and with repeated practice you too will become proficient.

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