Mind Control

(1.viii) The Ultimate Success Technique

Scientific brain research has provided the ultimate mind control technique using your creative memory as a mind tool.

Once you discover how to properly communicate with your subconscious, you can learn mind control and dramatically increase your level of success.

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This mind tool works by changing your old beliefs and habits using creative memory to reprogram your subconscious.

If I asked you to describe your favorite food, you would first see a mental picture of the food. Then you would verbalize, describing your picture in detail.

You do not see your favorite food as words first.

If I said apple, in your mind you would immediately see an apple and not the word “apple.”

Your subconscious sees everything as pictures, images and patterns!

That is the key to learning the ultimate mind control technique.

Have you been trying to communicate with your subconscious using only words? I too was guilty of this!

It now becomes obvious that in order to achieve any amount of mind control it is necessary to visualize your goal as the subconscious would see it (pictures, images or patterns).

We do not and can not directly control the subconscious. We can however indirectly achieve mind control by focusing our conscious thought and utilizing proper visualization techniques.

You have been recording a “picture” in your subconscious brain of who you are, through the accumulation of all that has taken place in your life since childhood.

This picture controls your self-image, how you think and how you perform.

Changing the picture = Changing your beliefs, thoughts and actions!

Previously, you may have read or heard when setting goals it was important to review them daily. This brain research reveals it is even more important to use pictures, images and patterns for communication.

For example, if you had a goal to be more self-confident you may have reviewed by repeating affirmations, perhaps something like “I choose to be confident in all situations.”

This affirmation would scientifically have some impact eventually on your mental conditioning as you are creating a new thought, a new neural pathway and reinforcing it with repetition.

However, you can now employ visualization as a mind tool to effectively communicate any desire to your subconscious.

This is where all the science based research on the human brain comes together to provide us with the ultimate mind control technique.

Here is a recap of lessons from the previous sections:

  • The subconscious does not judge anything as true or false.
  • It cannot tell the difference between real or imagined.
  • The subconscious does not distinguish between negative or positive.
  • New neural pathways are created through repetition.
  • Strong emotion strengthens these neural pathways so they fire easily.
  • Ancestral DNA may stop you from change, but you can train the amygdala to get past any fear.
  • Brain plasticity (neurogenesis) proves we are capable of much more than most have ever dreamed possible.
  • Neurode brain patterns that are not used atrophy and break apart.

I also stated elsewhere, everything you believe started out as a lie. Through belief and repetition it becomes your reality.

Knowing and understanding how the human brain functions, we can utilize mind control to reprogram our brain and achieve pretty much anything we choose.

Simply start out with any desire you have (a lie) and using visualization, make a creative memory of yourself performing in the matter you choose.

Visually repeating your performance then creates new neurode patterns and strong emotion makes them fire easily and effects permanent change.

Presto! Instant mind control!

Athletes have know about and used visualization to enhance their sports performance for years. They visualize themselves going through every movement, every step right through to their acceptance speech.

In the above affirmation of “I choose to be confident in all situations” you could easily employ visualization of yourself performing something with total self confidence.

Enlist the aid of all your senses, plus strong emotion to make a creative memory of yourself as you choose to be.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this mind tool. This is one of the most powerful self help mind control techniques I have ever used.

When you choose to visualize your goals, and repeat these visualizations for 21 to 30 days, you can re-invent yourself to believe, perform and act in any manner you choose.

This wraps up the scientific brain research discoveries. I hope you are excited knowing how the human brain functions and more importantly, how we can all use this research to greatly accelerate our success.

Next in Step Two, we will explore the inner workings of the subconscious mind from a philosophical aspect.

You will learn how your subconscious has been programmed to fail beginning in the early child development years.

Your beliefs, thought patterns and habits were all formed in the early child development years.

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