Short Term Memory Loss

Where Is My Mind?

Previously, my short term memory loss was so profound I couldn't recall statements made only minutes before.

I know where my brain is, but where is my mind? Constantly joked “I have a good memory, it’s just short.”

All joking aside, recent brain research has actually discovered there is a scientific reason why we can recall past events with ease but have difficulty in the short term.

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Please Note: This section does not deal with short term memory loss due to accident or any medical condition. Instead I discuss the problems associated with normal brain behavior and the inability to recall recent information.

When the subconscious sends answers (ideas) to your conscious mind they go into short term memory bank.

A normal function of your brain dictates if no further action is taken, short term memory loss kicks in and the memory is forgotten about totally.

Think of it like this - if you start a new document on your computer and then shut down the computer without saving the data, your information is gone.

The brain works in a similar fashion. Basically if you do not tell your brain "this information is important" your brain will erase it from your consciousness.

To give an example, let's say you are in the middle of doing something and your spouse calls with a request to stop at the store on the way home for milk.

When you received the call, you had every intention to buy milk, but you end up at home with nothing but excuses.

Here's a self help "improve memory tip” to eliminate short term memory loss and avoid putting yourself into no win situations:

Purchase a hand held recorder or small writing pad. Record or write down any and all the thoughts or ideas immediately as they enter your conscious awareness.

Otherwise, these ideas are lost!

In the above example, if you had jotted down on a note pad or "To Do List" - pick up milk on the way home - there is a much greater chance you would remember.

You would have then been instructing your subconscious it was important to remember to pick up milk.

It is not a question of how to get new ideas, answers or opportunities; it’s a question of noticing and recording them so they can be remembered for future use.

Personally, I carry with me a small note pad that fits into my pocket. Throughout the day whenever anything pops into my conscious awareness, I write it out for future reference.

Near the end of my day, I transfer any information, ideas or "things to do" to their appropriate files.

Now, when my subconscious clears the short term memory banks, I am no longer wondering "where is my mind" and why can't I remember?

I have already instructed my subconscious the information is valuable plus I have stored it elsewhere.

Once in the habit of recording thoughts, you will be amazed with the number of income generating ideas that pop up and thoughts like how to change or improve your business, relationships or health; plus countless other ideas.

Previously, I believed I wasn’t smart enough to think of any good business ideas. Now, I keep journals (more on this later) jam packed with some great business opportunities.

None of this would have been possible if I had merely allowed the ideas to float in and out of my conscious thought without noticing them.

Realize now that short term memory loss (other than by brain injury) is a normal brain function. The only way to overcome short term memory loss is by instructing your subconscious something is important enough to record.

How do you flag anything as being important? Go back and reread the section Learning Style

Now you should have a solid understanding of an effective learning style. Perhaps you might even have a good laugh when you forget something, realizing you have not lost your mind and are in fact, quite normal.

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