There Is No Limit To
The Power of Intuition!

(2.iii) How to Tap Into Universal Intelligence

Believe it or not, there is no limit to your potential for success. Intuition is the sixth sense already within you. When tapping into your intuition, you connect with the infinite knowledge of Universal Intelligence.

You have the ability and can learn to harness these intuitive powers, which ultimately shorten your path to success.

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You can choose to take this power and "push it to the limit" (a figure of speech as there is no limit) or ignore your intuition and stay stuck where you are now - your choice!

Here is the definition from Webster’s dictionary:

In-tu-i-tion (in’to ish’an) n. The direct knowledge or awareness of something without conscious attention or reasoning; knowledge that is acquired this way. 

How is it possible to have knowledge without being consciously aware?

Where does intuition come from?

Everything you have experienced; all past memories are stored perfectly in your subconscious. There is no limit to how many memories are stored in your subconscious mind, even though you may not have conscious awareness of these memories.

Scientific research has shown our subconscious mind has no filters and it operates 800 times faster than the conscious mind. Think about this for a minute – 800 times faster!

Therefore it figures things out lightening fast; while your conscious mind is still trying to decide what to do.

Not only do you possess stored memories from your own past, there is also the aspect of genetic memory passed on to us through DNA as I explained in Step One.

I believe intuition goes beyond these stored subconscious memories from our life experiences and genetics. There is now evidence that every cell in the human body has memory.

Talk to any Registered Massage Therapist and ask about clients who inexplicable begin to cry during a massage. What you will discover is when the therapist works on a specific area of the body where there has been trauma of any kind (even if it was 30 or 40 years ago) the cell memory revives the experience in the subconscious.

If you would like to explore the cell memory concept further, there is a CD program by Deepak Chopra called "Magical Mind, Magical Body" which explains cell memory in detail.

Now I am going to really stretch your belief system to the max. Spiritual teachings going back hundreds of years, plus recent findings of Quantum Physics, explain there is only One Energy in the Universe.

We are all part of this energy and we are all connected to it. This One energy has been referred to as God, Universal Intelligence, the Source, the Ethereal, Infinite Intelligence as well as many other names.

However you choose to name “It” really is a matter of personal choice. What’s important to understand is we are all a part of this One Energy.

To help you understand there is no limit to the power of Infinite Intelligence, think of an individual’s mind as a personal computer. This One energy would then be the internet with information or answers for anything you desire.

Now with this mental picture, imagine the ability to tap into this Infinite Intelligence and instantly manifest anything you desire. This is the "no limit" power you have within you now.

Whenever I am discussing this topic, I instantly think of the Matrix or Star Wars movies.  They are both about an unseen power with no limit to the possibilities.

So, here is where we are so far. Your source of intuition is:

  • Stored memories in the subconscious.
  • Memories passed on to us through genetic DNA.
  • Cell memory.
  • Ethereal Knowledge, Universal Intelligence or any other name you choose.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited knowing there is no limit to the knowledge available to us in an instant.

How does intuition work anyway?

I think of it like this: There is no limit on the ideas and thoughts stored in the vast library of Infinite Intelligence. All the solutions to any problem or situation are already there.

Becoming aware and believing this information is available to anyone is the first step. If you choose not to believe, you close the door on opportunity.

There is a common problem within many of us. We have the old belief if we can’t see, it doesn’t exist.

Allow me to shake this belief at its roots. Do you believe there is no limit to air for you breathe? Of course you do, even though you can’t see the air.

Do you believe when you get up in the morning, your feet will stay on the floor due to gravity? Again, I’m sure you do. You know gravity exists even though it is invisible.

All of the information I present on this website could be considered controversial. Just like air and gravity, I can't show it to you. Hopefully, my explanations help you understand.

Frankly, I can’t prove the validity of anything I express (with the exception of the scientific brain research in Step One). I can only urge you to dismiss your old beliefs and see for yourself.

Simply trust your intuition to guide you. Believe there is no limit to the successes you can achieve in life. Believe there is more to life than pain and struggle.

It appears logical to me if there is no limit to how much I can change and improve myself or how much success I can achieve, I want to learn all I possibly can about how to develop my own intuition.

Chances are extremely good your intuition led you to click onto this website and absorb the information presented in each of the steps. Otherwise, you would be doing something else.

Once you have cast aside your doubt, the issue then becomes how to tap into this vast storehouse of information.

How can you tap into Universal Intelligence?

Let’s assume you have a problem and need an answer. You consciously focus your attention on the problem and try to come up with a solution.

Once you have exhausted your ideas and examined the pros and cons, simply present the problem to your higher consciousness and ask for a solution within a specific time frame.

Then, let it go and trust your intuition to provide the answer as you requested.

Here’s a note of caution: Once you have received the answer, you would be wise to act on it. Often people get an answer then choose not to listen.

You are effectively training yourself to ignore the intuitive feelings.

The subconscious communicates by sending signals to your conscious level. The problem most people have is not the lack of intuition, but the inability to pay attention to whatever it is telling us.

If your mind is too busy for the message to get through, the subconscious then sends the signal through your body.

These body signals can manifest as nausea in your stomach, muscle tension, cramps, muscle spasms and a host of other symptoms. Your intuition is persistent and wants to be heard.

The information presented to you through your intuition is more reliable than anything you can come up with on the conscious level.

I am positive you have already experienced the power of intuition. Perhaps you did something and had “feelings” or the “sense” you shouldn’t. You chose not to listen and went ahead and did it anyway.

Later, when things turned out all wrong, you probably told friends and family you had strong “feelings” telling you not to do it – but you did it anyway. You didn’t trust your intuition.

You can learn to trust your intuition through practice and discover there is no limit to the solutions your intuition can expose.

To avail your self of this power, here is the key:

  1. Accept we all part of this Infinite Intelligence.
  2. As we are all part of the Infinite Intelligence we have access to eternal knowledge.
  3. Learn how to properly communicate your desires to Infinite Intelligence and tap into this knowledge.
  4. Quiet your mind from all the noise (day to day nonsense thoughts that accomplish nothing) to hear the messages your intuition is sending.
  5. Listen to the messages you receive.
  6. Trust your intuition, it is never wrong.
  7. Watch for the body signals the subconscious sends when it cannot get through to your conscious level of thinking.

The Law of Intuition

This Universal Law states it is only when you get in touch with your own source of intuition and wisdom will you no longer depend on others’ opinions for your sense of identity or worth.

Learning to use your intuition is living an inward directed life; validating your self as opposed to looking to others for approval and validation.

You will discover when you listen to your intuition and stop looking for answers and approval from others, you will actually become self-confident and self-satisfied.

Not surprisingly, others will intuitively be attracted to you.

As you can possibly imagine, there is no way I can explain all there is to know about intuition in this free tutorial. My intent is to open your eyes and your mind to all the potential that exists.

It is up to you to further explore the possibilities, expand your awareness and discover for yourself there is no limit to what you can achieve and no limit to the possibilities.

Are you are ready to move ahead?

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