Self Help Workshop: Step One
Scientific Brain Research

Your Brain Is on Auto-Pilot and It Is Programmed to Fail

Uncover the True Power of Your Subconscious

Scientific brain research can show you how to easily harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Regardless of whether you are new to the self-help industry or have already been exposed to personal development information there is no doubt in my mind you already have or eventually will run into "blocks" that stop you from achieving success.

Perhaps you have heard of, or at have a basic knowledge of "reverse engineering." When someone wants to copy a particular product, they take it apart piece by piece to learn how it functions.

In the first two steps of this "self help workshop" I help you reverse engineer your mind (so to speak) to learn how your brain functions; your limiting beliefs about money, relationships and health; and the cause of your lack of success.

To effectively make permanent changes and eliminate this self-sabotage, you need to understand how these non-conscious blocks (internal conflicts) were created in the first place.

When you strive for self-improvement in anything and it just isn’t happening, realize there are two very good reasons for this.

  1. You have been programmed with self-limiting beliefs that stop you.
  2. Your ancestral DNA is actually working without your awareness to keep you safe with what is already familiar and comfortable.

Some refer to this as “psychological reversal” while others might call it “self-sabotage”.

There is a simple muscle test I learned from Dr. Robert Anthony in his CD course "Know How To Be Rich" (replaced with his new program The Secret of Deliberate Creation) and it can help to quickly determine if you are experiencing psychological reversal.

Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

Here's how it works. Hold your arm out straight and make a true statement. (Such as “my name is _____”) Simultaneously someone applies gentle pressure to push your arm down while you resist. The result would be your arm has good resistance.

Then doing the same process, you make a statement you believe to be true (such as “I want to lose 40 pounds”) and if there is psychological reversal your arm will have no resistance and will easily be pushed down.

With this simple muscle test, you can see how the conscious and non-conscious levels in your brain are not in alignment with the same goal.

Here is a quick demo by Dr. Wayne Dyer...

Wendy's Two Cents:

Oh how I love Muscle Testing!  I first was tested by a Chiropractor many years ago. He had me hold supplements (in a container) in one hand, and tested the other arm. It was extraordinary how I had no control when holding supplements my body needed.

More recently, I was at a business conference for entrepreneurs and I was tested on whether I liked a t-shirt that was being sold. (I hated the slogan on it but didn't tell him). Guess what? Down went my arm... kinda embarrassing,  but this really does work!

It is key in your personal development to understand 100% regardless how much you desire change and self improvement; if you have previously been unsuccessful your subconscious is operating with a different set of goals without your awareness.

Once you understand how your brain functions; how you think; your constant negative self-talk and your current beliefs, you can then bring the non-conscious mind under your conscious control.

Having this control, you will quickly and easily effect the positive changes you desire and achieve success in any area you choose such as wealth, health, happiness, or relationships.

If you do not take back this control the subconscious will continue to operate on auto-pilot and control you!

Your success in life is 90% the result of how your brain functions (Conscious and subconscious).   A mere 10% is due to the system/career path you choose.

I believe most of us would like to make permanent changes in some areas of life. You may set goals such as better relationships, wealth or fitness but never even come close to their manifestation.

We all have been led to believe we just need to set clear goals and visualize success to manifest our dreams. I don’t know about you, but I became extremely frustrated after doing everything I was told and saw no lasting results.

To help paint a clear picture of what I am saying, imagine building your dream home on an old, crumbling foundation. Eventually you could expect the home to fall apart.

Your mind is similar. You cannot build permanent success in life with a subconscious that is not programmed to support your desires.

Most likely you have already tried to achieve your goals and failed, otherwise you wouldn’t still be searching for answers.

To re-state Einstein’s quote from the home page, you can continue doing the same things and get the same results or you can take a fresh new approach and see different results.

My new approach is to learn science based techniques to change, discover self-limiting beliefs and eliminate the blocks that stop you cold.

When you begin eliminating the “blocks” you are effectively breaking the habit of failing.

Therefore, the logical first steps in any personal development should be:

  • Understand how the mind functions with the help of science based research.(explained in this step)
  • See how your subconscious has been pre-programmed with self-limiting beliefs.(explained in Step Two)
  • Become self-aware. (also explained in Step Two)
Success requires change!

Your subconscious mind wants to stop you from changing and keep you safe!

Your success is the direct result of both areas of the mind working together in harmony toward the same goals.

You cannot change until you understand how the mind functions, your current beliefs and the way you think!

This is why some people seem to achieve effortless success while others struggle endlessly and accomplish little.

Why leave your success to chance? Why not use the tools scientific research has now made available for achievement?

Scientific Brain Research:

This information is going to absolutely destroy your old beliefs and set you on a fantastic new path of self-discovery leading to your ultimate success.

For those of you who may be skeptical of anyone professing their ability to help you overcome the difficulties in your life and achieve lasting success, most of the information here in Step One is based on scientific fact!

Recent neuroscience research has opened many doors and provided us with self help techniques we can easily learn and apply to accelerate our personal development.

Previously the medical society believed our brain was hard wired at birth, and did not change. (NOTE: this is a perfect example of old beliefs that are not reality.)

That previous research was only available by performing an autopsy on the deceased.

According to Dr. Richard Restak, one of the world’s leading neuroscience researchers, over 90% of what has been learned about the human brain has occurred since 1997.

Also, over 80% of what was believed to be true before 1990 has now been proven to be false.

These scientific discoveries have been made possible by using modern equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography imaging (PET) and the single photon emission computer enhanced tomography scanner (SPECT).

Never before could scientists see sections of a living brain that are one/1millionth the thickness of a human hair and also see what happens when our brain is responding to different types of stimuli.

Hopefully you are now starting to get excited about your unlimited potential for success.

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Let’s see what scientific brain research has revealed. Click the links below and discover the scientific way to achieve success.

(1.i) Human Genetics and Failure Learn why genetic DNA passed on from your ancestors will stop you from succeeding.

(1.ii) Intelligence - Use It Or Lose It! Neurogeneis (brain plasticity) proves you can continue to increase intelligence regardless of your age.

(1.iii) Mind Power - Thinking Large! Previously it was believed we thought on only two levels. Science has proven we actually use six areas of the brain simultaneously.

(1.iv) In My Mind - Is This Reality? The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagined. Use this science lesson and learn how to create your own reality.

(1.v) True or False - Your Subconscious Doesn't Know! The subconscious doesn't know if anything is true or false. You can use positive self-talk to re-program your mind.

( The Reason Self Help Fails You Scientific research shows how the subconscious doesn't see negative or positive. Be careful and avoid focusing on what you don't want.

(1.vii) Breaking the Habit of Failure Learn how to easily change your thoughts. Ultimately this changes your beliefs and habits, opening the doors to success.

(1.viii) Ultimate Mind Control Technique The subconscious sees in pictures, images and patterns. Learn how to properly communicate your goals.

That's a wrap for Step One - Brain Research. I hope you found this information both interesting and valuable.

It is important to realize whenever beginning anything new you will experience resistance from your subconscious mind. Accept it and move ahead with your learning.

Leave "Step 1 - Brain Research" and go to "Step 2 Intro. - Child Development" where you will discover how negative beliefs have been programmed into your subconscious mind during the early child development years.

When seeing "why" you do the things you do it is much easier to learn "how to" accomplish your goals.

Gene Anger, my partner on this site, really knows Self Help. He wrote this Self Help Workshop after studing self help for over 30 years now.  I am truly honored to be working with him here. He knows this growth mindset far deeper than I... but I am quickly catching up. Please Please take this opportunity to use your brain as it was meant to empower your bring peace, contentment, focus and life into perspective again!

Thank You Gene for sharing with the WORLD!  Wendy