Introducing Wendy...

Wendy, Life Coach

Hello, I'm Wendy from (10 years now). A few years ago, I purchased this site from Gene as I love studying mindset issues and decided to share this with others to better their lives!

I retired from County government in 2010, after thirty-five years of service... the last twenty-five years as the Retirement Manager. Retirement became my passion and it still is... thus my site.

I also love the self help/mindset niche as a lifelong reader of self help books and more recently a voracious listener of self help audio. I truly believe YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK... let me prove it to you! I am a Life Coach and love helping older adults in this way!

I found this site in June 2016... and was mesmerized by Gene's writings. He totally over-delivers in the Self Help Tutorial. BIG WOW! Then in November 2017, I changed the website name to your-mindset... short and sweet. 

Gene wrote about self help for all... and I will gear the site towards Aging Mindset. I hope my own retirement community will visit this new site and interact to bring out the best in all of us. We have so many life choices, and it's time to LIVE LIFE to the fullest!

Finally, I pray I find great satisfaction helping even more retirees! I will help aging folks, like me, can find the peace, contentment and adventure that life brings -- and yet, help them cope with the many challenges that we can overcome!

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Best Wishes! 

Wendy Fisher, Retirement/Aging Enthusiast & Certified Life Coach via Life Purpose Institute