Self Help Workshop: Step Four
The Human Brain

Introduction Techniques
To Change Your Life!

Your Subconscious Is Pre-Programmed To Fail

The human brain is capable of accomplishing so much more than we might have ever dreamed possible.

If you simply look at today’s youth, it is obvious most have a higher level of intelligence than their parents. Each generation is more advanced.

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Assuming you have been with me since Best Self Help Home page, it is now easy to understand this is partly due to:

  • The genetic DNA inherited from parents who were better educated.
  • More people than ever are achieving higher education levels with many graduating from either university or college.

The majority of people in their 80's and 90's were lucky to complete grade school. Those in their 50's and 60's may have only finished high school.

Today, many under 40 years of age have more formal education than any previous generation in history and have graduated from a college or university.

I don't believe "formal" education is necessarily the decisive factor as to whether someone has a great life or not.

I do believe however, increased knowledge by whatever means is vital.

Now everyone has the opportunity to become successful utilizing the information freely available on the web, such as the human brain research.

We no longer have to accept living on this earth merely existing from birth to death, struggling to make ends meet; with the hope of enough wealth to enjoy the golden years.

There has been a huge shift in global consciousness. People everywhere are looking for answers.

Most feel a "hole" inside themselves where something is missing, but they just can't seem to put their finger on what it is.

Some have even achieved great wealth and still feel this emptiness inside.

Information about our human brain, such as presented in this free self help tutorial, provides everyone with the same opportunity to embrace their inherent ability to change, grow and achieve a magnificent existence.

Only you can decide to become aware, fill that void, be happy, loving and successful; living a life full of wonder.

The difference between those who will and those who won’t is simply doing the "work" in this workshop.

By the way, it's only "work" if you think it so.

What Have We Learned So Far?

  1. First I explained a Learning Style to increase memory retention.
  2. Then in Step One Scientific Brain Research you learned how recent discoveries can be applied to self improvement.
  3. Next in Step Two Child Development you became aware of how we were programmed to fail at a very early age. I also challenged you to take at least one week to record all your thoughts and beliefs in a journal and become aware of your own self-defeating patterns.
  4. In Step Three Personal Change Management I explained various techniques which I use daily to quickly and easily eliminate the emotional attachment to these negatives. This is effectively "clearing the path" for success.

Now here in Step Four, I explain self help tools and techniques to re-program the human brain. I use these techniques regularly and have accomplished major changes in my life.

I have no desire to mislead you and have you think my life is perfect now. I still experience those bumps in the road, but the major difference is how I easily get past them.

Please understand that change is not something you do once and are set for life. Personal development is a life long adventure. The more knowledge you acquire and the more you do, the more all aspects of your life improve.

Again, I encourage you to keep an open mind. Any time you experience disbelief, realize your old programming is blocking you and release the negativity using the techniques in Personal Change Management

I prefer to use the "shotgun" approach to self growth. That is, I apply any and all techniques that work effectively to help me quickly get closer to achieving my goals.

Information and knowledge expands as the human brain opens up to possibilities and you gain experience. Sometimes, I discover a new technique which produces better results or the same results but a lot quicker.

I no longer stay stuck in the old belief "if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it". I prefer to be pro-active in my personal development and keep myself open to new ideas.

This section contains a vast amount of information about re-programming the human brain and if you try to digest everything at once, you will undoubtedly become overwhelmed.

Therefore, to keep your sanity, I suggest you chunk down. That is, take your time. Use one technique at a time and master it before you add another one to your arsenal of tools.

You will undoubtedly discover one or two techniques producing better results than others. That’s okay. Use the ones that work for you.

As always, please remember it takes 21 to 30 days to re-program the human brain and create new neurode patterns (beliefs) which produce new habits.

You cannot speed up the process and scientific research has verified your new neurode patterns must be used for a minimum of 21 to 30 days before they fire easily, consistently and without resistance.

Re-programming the human brain is not as difficult as might think. Actually, it can be a lot of fun. Soon, you begin catching your own negativity, understanding it, and having a little chuckle as you release it.

This information in Step Four is powerful. Use it and you will never be the same! Re-programming your human brain for success produces amazing results.

The Law of Expectation:

Energy follows thought; we move toward but not beyond what we can imagine. What we assume, expect or believe colors and creates our experience. By changing our expectations, we change our experience of every aspect of life.

All of the techniques I present to you in the links below have produced amazing results for me. They're not placed in any specific order of importance. They all work!

Are you anxious to get started manifesting the new you? Great!

Click the links below and let's get started with some amazing self help techniques to re-program your human brain.

(4.i) If I Can Only Imagine Imagination and proper visualization quickly re-program the subconscious.

(4.ii) Creative Visualization Visualize success and re-program your mind.

(4.iii) Meditation Discover the mental and physical benefits.

(4.iv) Breathing Exercise Learn how to breathe properly and why it's important.

(4.v) True Love. Find It Now! Learn how to fill the emptiness inside of you.

( The Power of Gratitude Turbo-charge your success.

(4.vii) Positive Affirmations Do they really work?

(4.viii) Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis Creating new thought patterns.

(4.ix) Is A Coach Really Necessary? Mentors can accelerate your success.

(4.x) Creating A Picture Book A picture is worth a thousand words.

(4.xi) Why Keep Personal Journals? Communicating your desires to the subconscious.

(4.xii) Dream On For Success Self improvement on auto-pilot.

(4.xiii) Daily Planner A personal development checklist.

Now you have the tools to re-program your brain, what will you put in there?

In Step Six, I will help you define your goals and word them properly.

Before we do this, I would like to help expand your concept of reality even more. In the next step of this workshop , Step Five, I will discuss the Universal Laws and quantum physics.

Don't be shy. Take a break from the serious aspects of life.