The Power of Gratitude

( Turbo-Charge Your Success

Gratitude is often overlooked and seldom ever considered to be an important aspect of re-programming your subconscious for success.

Perhaps you have already devoted a lot of effort to achieving success; yet it seems to elude you.

Here I will explain how the power of gratitude is an important aspect of attracting abundance and turbo charging your success.

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Take a close look at your life. How many times did you say “thank you” today?

Like it or not, most humans are pre-programmed to be negative. Many of us now “expect” so much, we no longer remember to "give thanks" for all the good we enjoy.

You may...

  • Expect your paycheck, but hate your job.
  • Demand others respect you, but you don’t respect them.
  • Insist your spouse and children love you, but don’t show them love.
  • Expect the government to take care of you, but openly criticize everything they do.

Think about it. Is it any wonder life sucks!

When you focus your thoughts and energy on all that is wrong with your life, you are in a state of disharmony. You are effectively “resisting” whatever it is you don’t want.

Your vibrational energy level is lowered and ultimately, you attract more of what you don’t want.

I challenge you to begin looking for everything you like and can appreciate starting today and for the rest of your life.

You develop tremendous personal power when you begin to look for and focus your energy on being grateful!

We live in a universe that operates by predictable, easy to understand and apply “laws”.

You learned in Step One - Scientific Brain Research the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between good and bad.

Just as your subconscious does not judge, the Universe also is not judging you as good or bad, waiting for you to screw up so it can make bad things happen to you.

The Universe is merely providing more of whatever it is you are focusing on, believing this is what you are choosing to attract.

Gratitude is what keeps you connected to Power. (Universal Intelligence, the Source, God, the Creator)

Be thankful for the wages you earn, the food and shelter your job provides. Express sincere thanks when someone does even small things for you.

I regularly experience hardened, impolite, difficult people changing to become friendly and polite with me, simply because I remained polite.

I thank them for their help with an order; thanks for their business, the beautiful day or a wonderful job they did on a project – you get the picture.

When you are focusing on being thankful, you are looking for what is good. When your focus and attention is directed to this good, you are invoking the Universal Laws to manifest more good.

The more you practice being thankful, the more neuron (thought) patterns of gratitude you will create in your subconscious.

Ultimately you resonate with a higher vibrational energy level and attract more good into your life. (More of everything for which you can be grateful)

You will find the more you express thanks the more that you will manifest to express thanks for.

A thankful person is constantly re-programming their subconscious to “expect” good. This expectation becomes “faith.”

I openly admit when I first began looking to discover the good in my life, the list was short. Frankly, I was not accustomed to looking for things to be thankful for; but instead was looking at what was wrong.

On my computer, I started a “Gratitude List” and began with the common items, such as a place to live, family, a job and an income.

Now this file has grown quite large and is divided into these sections:

  • Physical Health
  • Family/Relationships
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Continued Education/Learning
  • Mind/Emotions
  • Nature
  • Past experiences
  • Entertainment/leisure/sports

I have a huge list for my wife of how truly and deeply thankful I am she shares life with me. It’s difficult to be upset with someone when you know in your heart they give you so much good.

When I am having one of those days where things aren’t going as well as I would like, just reviewing my gratitude list changes the direction of my mind and helps me get back on track.

You will be totally amazed at how dramatically your life will change and improve when you express gratitude for everything – especially the small things people do for you.

The Law of Gratitude:

Positive energy that is given out eventually returns with rewards. The Law of Gratitude is your connection to the Source expressing thanks for the good in your life, thereby communicating your satisfaction and in return receiving even more to be thankful for.

Think of it like this; if you give a special gift to someone and they show little or no appreciation, more than likely you either choose not give them another gift or spend less time and money picking something special because the recipient doesn’t seem to care anyway.

The Universe responds in a like fashion. When you show no appreciation for the good in your life (this also includes the small things) and only complain about what is not good, the Universe will continue to provide more for you to complain about.

Conversely, when you are excited and thankful for something as simple as finding a penny, the Universe responds with more money for you to appreciate.

Develop your own attitude of gratitude and watch your path to success unfold before your eyes.

Remember, any new belief or habit pattern takes 21 to 30 days.

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