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(3.iv) Technique For  Emotional Cleansing: Healthy choices are important to me

Optimum mental health - fact or fantasy?

Perhaps with all the “problems” you may be facing right now, you believe it is a fantasy for you and a fact for only a lucky few.

How would you like to be one of those lucky few?

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I am happy to tell you it is possible and by embracing the concept I present here, you too will easily eliminate the emotional garbage, enjoy good mental health and attract success.

Pretty much everyone I have met has a story to tell about how bad things are or have been in their life.

I am no different than most, except I have discovered techniques to free myself from the emotional baggage that used to weigh me down.

To this day, I still encounter situations where I experience negative emotions such as becoming angry or upset, feeling stressed or worrying.

The major difference is now I easily catch myself feeling negative and immediately release on these feelings.

I previously believed our quest in life was to reach the point where we had no problems and everything would be just peachy – WRONG!

I used to think that good mental health meant I was free of all the negatives in life.

Everyday problems are a part of life. The more of them you have the more alive you are.

If you have any desire to be successful, realize and accept right now that life will always give you challenges. As you learn to handle one situation or problem, you can be sure that life will throw another one your way.

The secret to achieving good mental health is learning how to deal with these problems so they do not control you, devastate you, or even worse, immobilize you to a point of inactivity.

I can't force you to change anything about your life. I can point you in the right direction though. The rest is up to you.

It is entirely in your hands whether you too take these steps or do nothing and remain as you are.

You may still be struggling with your old belief system and therefore this technique may appear too simple to be effective or won’t work. Keep an open mind.

The Sedona Method

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The Sedona Method is a magnificent self help tool which teaches you how to easily tap into your natural ability, let go of self-limitation and self-sabotage.

Then you will experience the happiness, success, and peace of mind that accompanies optimium mental health.

When I first began daily meditation in September of 2000, this technique came highly recommended to me by an extremely successful businessman whom I respect immensely.

I thought if he is using and recommending it to me, it must work. How could I possibly argue with success?

The technique was first developed by Lester Levenson and taught to Hale Dwoskin.

When I first began reading Hale’s book “The Sedona Method” it was difficult for me to believe we could rid ourselves of emotional blocks so simply, quickly and easily.

Fortunately I had reached a time in my life where nothing seemed to be going well and I was determined to find a way to turn everything around and achieve optimum mental health.

I was willing to try anything and everything that promised me emotional freedom and happiness.

When I recall the past, I smile and am thankful to Hale for providing the Sedona Method to the public. Now everyone can use this tool to improve their own mental health.

When I began using the Sedona Method, I quickly discovered it is:

  1. Quick and easy to learn.
  2. Simple to apply.
  3. Produces immediate results for most situations.

You can let go of feelings such as anger, nervousness, fear and a host of other problems, including physical, pretty much instantly.

Here are a few of the changes I experienced:

  • Open sores on my skin which had resisted medical treatment for over two years cleared up.
  • Previous issues with anger are now almost non-existent and continue to diminish as I apply the technique.
  • My energy level increased dramatically.
  • My powers of concentration and ability to focus were vastly improved.
  • My attitude went from feeling alone and useless to enjoying each day and being goal oriented.
  • My relationships improved tremendously….and frankly, this is an understatement.

I could probably list another twenty or thirty profound changes in my life, but I think you get the picture – I know Sedona works!

One of the major advantages I like with Sedona Method over other releasing techniques is the ease of use in public where no one is even remotely aware I am releasing.

The next section explains another great technique I use to release unwanted emotional blocks.

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