The Law of Attraction

(5.iv) Simple - But Not Easy

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful and fundamental laws of the Universe. It is often stated as “like attracts like”.

We all know that in reality, like does not necessarily attract like. For example, you might know a very happily married couple where the husband and wife are totally opposite in pretty much every way.

Another example is the magnet's positive is attracted to the negative on another magnet.

So then, exactly what do we mean by “like attracts like?”

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Energetic Vibration

I explained the Law of Vibration in the previous section (5.iii).

When you hear someone stating that like attracts like, they are in fact referring to how a vibrational energy is being attracted to or resonating with the same or a similar vibrational energy.

As everything in the Universe has this vibrational energy, by changing your vibration, you will attract more of anything which is vibrating in harmony with you.

Understanding and implementing these principles can be frustrating; especially if you are not aware of your subconscious mind attracting negatives.

I think you will see the remarkable similarities between the Law of Attraction and quantum physics.

Your Current Reality

Hopefully you can recall from Steps One and Two that our minds are programmed with our current, self-limiting beliefs through genetic DNA and childhood training.

Your current belief system can limit your ability to move beyond your current reality. Only by changing your beliefs via your thoughts, can you create a new reality.

Up to this point in your life, everything you have achieved (or failed to achieve) has been the result of your life running on auto-pilot.

This entire free self help tutorial has been designed to help you understand “everything” that happens in your life is a result of what is happening in the area between your ears we call a brain.

Learning and applying these natural laws is a tool to take back control of our brains, our lives and help manifest our dreams.

It is human nature to believe only what you can see and also to disbelieve anything that seems to go beyond your current perceptions of what is possible.

Therefore, it is an unfortunate fact that many will not believe in the Law of Attraction.

You know and accept gravity exists, even though you cannot see it and perhaps may not even understand how or why it works.

All that's important to know is when you are walking down the street gravity keeps you on the ground. It works!

When someone falls off a roof and crashes to the ground it is gravity that pulled them down. Gravity didn’t decide that person needed to be taught a lesson.

Gravity, like the Law of Attraction, doesn’t selectively work for one person and not another, it applies to everyone.

These laws work whether you believe in them or not.

Thoughts are Energy

I have already explained the scientific research proving thoughts are indeed energy.

Whatever you think and feel will be drawn by the Law of Attraction into your experience. You will also attract additional thoughts which are similar in nature.

When someone begins a path of negative thinking, their vibration is lowered. As the focus on their problems intensifies, the number and size of problems will increase proportionately.

This is the Law of Attraction working to effectively bring you more problems, which is where your attention is focused.

You cannot protect yourself from something you don’t want.

Merely by placing your attention on what you don’t want, you immediately begin to manifest more of what it is you are trying to avoid.

In other words, you are operating out of fear, focusing on fear and ultimately attracting that which you fear.

For example, if you were worried about getting into an automobile accident and constantly reaffirming you don’t want to get into an accident – chances are good you will have an accident.

However, you can protect yourself by changing your thoughts to attract what you desire – to be safe and protected at all times while driving or riding in a car.

Where you place your attention is what you attract, and it doesn’t matter whether you wanted it or not!

Reread the above statement.

Law of Attraction 6-step Manifestation Process

Many of us have the mistaken belief the Law of Attraction means you can just wish for something to happen and it will.

While this may be partially true, there are actually six steps to manifesting your dreams.

  1. Decide on what you want.
  2. Ask for what you want.
  3. Believe it is already yours.
  4. Receive it and express gratitude.
  5. Release your desire.
  6. Take intuitive action.
Once you have mastered these six easy steps, you can consciously choose to manifest pretty much anything you desire.

1. Decide on what you want:

First, it is common sense that you need to know what you truly want; unless of course you are satisfied to receive whatever life gives you.

Unfortunately, being definitive is actually quite a problem for most people.

To illustrate, let’s assume you want a new car. You decide with the uncertainty of rising gasoline prices, it would be prudent to own an economy car.

Then next week (or day, hour, minute) you change your mind and think it would be a thrill to own and drive a flashy sport model.

Before you realize it, you change your mind again and want a luxury car that makes the statement you have arrived and are successful.

With all your indecision and mind changing, how could the Law of Attraction possibly help you manifest a new car when you can’t even decide which one you want?

Knowing your desires is so important, I have devoted Step Six to helping you get clear on which goals are really important to you.

2. Ask for what you want:

Okay, so now you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want – now what do you do?

Simply submit your request to the universe (the Ethereal, Universal Intelligence, God, the Source, etc.)

Craft your request in the present tense as if already achieved. Be positive and provide a detailed description.

Avoid using words like “want” or “need” as they imply lack and the Law of Attraction will respond by providing you with a never ending supply of needs and wants.

Focus on one request at a time. I am not suggesting you can only have one request, but I do mean to focus on one desire each time you use this process.

Be aware of words that trigger resistance or doubt in your subconscious.

As an example, if you want a new car and say “I now own a new BMW 330CI car” your subconscious might respond with “Who are you kidding; you will never be able to afford that car”.

Here are two suggestions to handle this resistance:

  1. You can use the releasing techniques learned in Step Three to short circuit the self-limiting belief.
  2. You can also rephrase the words so they do not trigger subconscious resistance. You could say something like “I choose to manifest a new BMW 330CI into my life”.
By releasing your resistance, you help align your energy to be in harmony with your goals.

3. Believe it is already yours:

Everything you desire is already yours.

Have faith in the Law of Attraction. If you can think it, you already have the ability to manifest it.

So many people operate with a perception of lack; that there isn’t enough to go around.

This is where the scientific brain research from Step One in this tutorial can really help you understand how to get your conscious and subconscious mind in alignment with the same beliefs.

To refresh your memory, scientific research has proven the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or imagination and truth or a lie.

When you re-program your subconscious with new beliefs that support your desires (as explained in Step Four) both your subconscious and conscious mind are functioning in harmony with the same beliefs and therefore sending out the same vibrations.

The universe is abundant and there is more than enough to satisfy every one of us. You believe in gravity, why not allow yourself to believe in the Law of Attraction?

When you have faith, the universe begins arranging itself to provide for your desires. There is no need to worry about how things will happen.

When things don’t start to manifest immediately, we begin to think we need to “do something” (anything) to be successful and then get busy thinking, worrying and trying to make things work.

If you do this, realize you are sending a message to the universe that “I can do this myself” and you don’t have faith in the Law of Attraction.

4. Receive it and show gratitude:

If I had the power to give you whatever you desire, I am sure you would gladly accept and be very grateful.

The Law of Attraction is this power and here's a simple exercise to increase your vibration and help get you into alignment with your desire.

In your mind, go to your place of peace. Somewhere you feel calm and relaxed.

Take a few deep breaths and consciously relax every muscle in your body.

Now, imagine you have just received your chosen goal.

Visualize it exactly as you desire. Enlist the aid of all your senses and experience all the feelings you would have as if your goal is now a reality.

Can you feel your happiness and excitement? Can you see your hands touching it, smell the scents and hear the sounds?

How thankful are you for achieving this goal? Express this deep and profound gratitude with all your heart.

In Step Four I have already covered how expressing gratitude helps re-program your subconscious to focus on the good and this increases your vibration.

The more you focus on being thankful, the more you will attract to be thankful for.

Conversely, if you went out and purchased the ultimate gift for a friend and they showed no appreciation or gratitude, do you think you would do it again? I doubt it.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense if you receive and show no gratitude, you send a message to the universe the gift was not important?

Accept your manifestation, show your gratitude and be in the moment.


5. Release your desire:

You have faith and believe the universe will provide, so just let it go from your mind.

Wait a minute, this is confusing! How am I supposed to focus on my desires, but let them go?

Actually, what you do is focus intently on your desires (best time is in the morning when you arise and just before bed) to cement your goals into the subconscious and send your request to Universal Intelligence.

Then, you release these goals from your conscious mind and allow the Law of Attraction to go to work for you, making your dreams become your reality.

Once released from your conscious thinking, you are letting go of how and when things will happen.

Actually, you are letting go of any resistance within you; your ego mind that still thinks it needs to take control and do something (anything) to make this work.

You learned techniques in Step Three to release emotional attachment to negative beliefs and habits.

These same techniques can also be used to release your emotional attachment to expecting results.

In doing this, you very effectively release any resistance to achieving your goals and allow the Law of Attraction to work for you without any interference.

6. Take intuitive action:

Again, I am telling you to do something I previously said not to do – take action.

The difference is, only take action when you feel or sense an intuitive urge to do so.

For instance, you might get an urge to go somewhere, meet someone; talk with a stranger or answer a specific ad and any of these could lead to an idea, solution to a problem or a business contact.

By all means, when you receive these messages, act on them. The Law of Attraction is working to provide and sending you these signals to take action.

I made a huge mistake when I first began learning about the Law of Attraction. I waited patiently for success to manifest in my life, but didn’t listen to the intuitive messages and chose not to take any action.

Listen to and follow your intuition. It is your connection to the Source.

Reminds me of the joke about a guy I’ll name “Joe” who believed so strongly he was going to win the jackpot in a major lottery that he quit his job and sold everything including his house, car and furniture.

When the draw was over and Joe didn’t win, he began complaining to the universe. Then he heard a voice say “But Joe, you didn’t even buy a ticket”.

You need to take intuitive action! Nothing happens without it.

Achieving Balance

When deciding what you would like to be, have and do in life, it is important to consider all aspects of life and have a balanced approach.

Sure it’s great to be wealthy, but if you neglect your health or relationships and only focus on assets, your success would be shallow and void of fulfillment.

When you are choosing which goals are important, look at everything and not just wealth accumulation.

I have found the more time I devote to changing and improving myself, the easier success becomes in all areas.

A common misconception is that money solves all problems. In reality, wealth creates a totally new set of problems. Only with a balanced approach to success in all areas of life are you able to welcome these new problems with open arms.

What's your next step?

I have provided a basic overview of the Law of Attraction. Now it is up to you what to do next.

However, I recommend you start a Law of Attraction journal and keep a record of every time your thoughts manifest. For instance:

  • You think of a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and either they call or you bump into them.
  • Going to a mall you visualize the perfect parking spot, and there it is, saved just for you.
  • You imagine your boss giving you a raise and sure enough you get it.

Recording these manifestations regularly and expressing gratitude will provide proof your conscious mind needs to confirm this law works and increase the good you attract.

Although the Law of Attraction appears simple, many experience frustration and disappointment. If you run into this problem, rather than give up, I suggest you enlist the help of a coach or mentor who is successful in training others.

Here's a short 8 minute video by Bob Doyle, one of the featured teachers in the movie "The Secret.":

"When Bad Things Happen."

Also check out these free Bob Doyle Videos further explaining the Law of Attraction.

If you haven't been manifesting your dreams, maybe it's time to get some help. Check out Bob's videos and see if his information resonates with your "feelings."

Remember, intuition is more accurate than intelligence.

This concludes Step Five - Enchanted Learning. I hope you have found this information to be valuable. Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to click the "Contact Me" button on the upper left side of this page.

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