(1.ii)Brain Research Discovers...
Use It or Lose It!

Neurogenesis (Brain Plasticity) Proves You Can Increase Intelligence, Regardless of Age

As we age and the brain loses cells, shouldn't intelligence be decreased as well?

Previously the scientific community believed the human brain was hardwired at birth and did not change as we aged.

They also believed the number of brain cells a person had determined their ability to achieve and be successful.

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Basically, the scientific community once believed what you were born with was what you had - period.

This resulted in the belief if you weren't born with a great deal of intelligence - too bad for you.

Both of these old beliefs have now scientifically been proven as false! (Good news for those of us who are well seasoned.)

Neuroscience has discovered the level of intelligence and ability to succeed is determined by how many new "dendrite spiny protuberances" (DSPs) the human brain can grow.

The human brain is changing and growing every day. The brain you had yesterday is not the brain you have today and is also not the brain you will have tomorrow.

Research done by Dr/Professor Mark Rosenzweig has clearly proven if the brain is stimulated, no matter what age, it will physically grow more protuberances (DSPs) on each of the brain cell's tentacles. These protuberances will increase the total number of connections within the brain.

No longer should your age and the brain capacity to learn and achieve be a concern for anyone.

How do your grow more of these "dendrite spiny protuberances" to increase your intelligence?

Simple - every time you learn anything new, the human brain is stimulated to grow new DSP out of the dendrite spines of your neurons and increase the capacity for achievement.

The number of connections and neural pathways that can be formed by a normal human brain is astronomical. It is the number 1 followed by 10 million kilometers of zeros. WOW!

Everyone's brain, young or old doesn't matter, has more potential than you could possibly imagine.

Even if we lose 10,000 brain cells a day from the time we are born, we start with so many that by the time we are 80 years old, we have lost less than 3% of our brain cells.

Regardless of age, you can change your brain!

Much like any broken limb placed in a cast, the brain connections will atrophy, become brittle and break apart if they are not exercised.

Now that you know your brain was not hardwired at birth it appears logical (to me anyway) how vitally important it is for us all to continue learning, growing and changing.

Most of the problems we experience in life regarding intelligence, age and the brain are only because we haven't learned enough about ourselves and how the mind works.

A point of interest - your subconscious is your slave and gives you whatever you command. Therefore, you can maximize your brain plasticity by avoiding a few common phrases we have all been guilty of using.

"Things You Want To Avoid Saying"

  • That's just the way I am.
  • I am just being me.
  • I can't help it.
  • I've always been this way.
  • I can never ...

I am sure you get the picture and can think of a few more common phrases we should all learn to avoid.

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