Self Help for Anxiety

I recently wrote about self help for anxiety on my retirement site because I feel strongly that our mind controls our anxious thoughts - AND - I believe we can overcome them.

Anxiety can be a temporary state or a lifelong state of mind. It can and does cripple your life actions... and when it gets out of control, leads to depression. 

Worry is usually about things you have little control over. You worry and worry and it (whatever you worried about) never happens. All that mental stress -- and it can bring on depression or physical problems.

I have added some affirmations for anxiety...

Gene writes about fear, anger, nervousness or anxiety as a telltale sign you are off track and vibrating at a lower frequency. He also talks about critical thinking and how it affects your consciousness... he says you likely experience negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, anxiety or depression.  

Both of these links are part of his self help workshop which is best read, step by step... sign up for the series and change your life.

Breathing is important when you have anxiety and we've touched on that subject too.

Have you ever considered a Life Coach