Daily Planner & Checklists

(4.xiii) Maintaining Focus
On Positive Outcomes

daily planner is most often used for organizing your schedule. However, there is another planner you would be prudent to include in your daily motion – a checklist.

I have found this to be one of the most effective ways to keep me on track with my personal development.

Most successful people seem to have some type of “system” to keep them focused and moving toward their goals.

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I believe it is a major mistake to rely solely on memory to maintain your focus.

The expression “out of sight, out of mind” says it all!

A daily planner used in the form of a checklist is an excellent success tool. Working like a “memory jogger” it keeps you aware of "important to do” personal development items.

From the scientific research explained in Step One we learned that to re-program our minds it takes 21 to 30 days of continuous repetition.

Routinely completing personal development items every day will therefore help you create new neural pathways in your brain.

I created a computer template with spaces for 31 days along the top and a list down the left side of everything important to remember.

Then I enter the self improvement topics for this month and print a new sheet.

Daily, I check it off each item as completed. This keeps me consciously aware of what I choose to do each day as well as sending a message to my subconscious of what I consider important.

Here’s a brief example of items on my checklist:


  • Read and visualize goals.
  • One hour meditation.
  • Express my gratitude.
  • Rapid Manifestation visualization.
  • Listen to my goals CD and self improvement info on my iPod and/or CD’s.
  • Watch my thoughts and flip switch any negatives.
  • Prepare tomorrow’s things to do list.
  • Update my journals.
  • Read and visualize goals.
  • Ask my subconscious to provide an answer or solution to a specific problem.

The more self improvement techniques we learn, the more confusing life can get. A daily planner in the form of a checklist will keep things simple.

Previously, I found myself bouncing from one technique to another and never fully experiencing the benefits of daily repetition.

With a daily checklist I remain organized, focused and accomplish so much more.

That's it for Step Four - Techniques to Re-Program the Human Brain for Success.

In Step Five we will take a look at self help success from a totally different perspective.

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