Is A Coach Really Necessary?

(4.ix) Mentors Improve Your
Chance For Success

It’s no secret a professional  "coach" or "mentor" can explode your business success and personal achievements to the next level.

Hiring a mentor should be your number one priority.

We are born into this world alone and we exit this world alone. There is nothing written that states you should have to learn how to become successful – alone!

Everyone needs a coach or mentor to educate, teach and inspire.

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I don’t care how talented, intelligent, rich, educated or well connected someone might be. Somewhere in their life’s journey at least one (but usually more than one) person has helped them excel.

A coach will help you:

  1. Define your goals.
  2. Stay focused on your goals.
  3. Become aware of and overcome old, self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and habits which previously immobilized you and stopped success.
  4. Acquire an unstoppable success oriented mindset.
  5. Develop a systematic plan to achieve your goals.
  6. Stay on track through regular communication and instruction.
  7. Learn little known systems and secrets to accelerate your achievements.
  8. Discover how to live with passion and excitement.
  9. Be accountable for your actions (or lack of action).
  10. Achieve balance in your life while becoming successful.

Having your own personal “life coach” used to be cost prohibitive; only available to the wealthy few who could afford the enormous fees charged by professionals.

Now thanks to the Internet, it is possible for these professionals to provide quality coaching to numerous individuals simultaneously while charging drastically reduced fees.

I often feel it is human nature that many of us prefer to be solely responsible for our own personal achievements.

I also believe many of us choose to keep our weaknesses, insecurities or any other “flaws” hidden from others.

I constantly struggle with my inner demons telling me I am intelligent enough to figure out this self-improvement "stuff" all by myself.

When we were children, we had to be shown how to do everything and we acquired skills through repetition of the lessons we learned.

Unless we were fortunate to have successful parents who passed on positive beliefs and habits, most of us have only a vague understanding of what it takes to be successful.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me that if we are trying to learn and apply success principles; someone has to teach us what we need to know.

I am always amazed when a friend or acquaintance is so ready to give me advice regarding something which they truly know little or nothing about.

Previously, I would have accepted their advice as gospel, and applied it with the confidence I was being informed correctly. It was a tough lesson to learn and accept, but now I know better.

For example, I believe more good relationships are ruined because of inappropriate advice that others choose to follow.

It doesn’t matter in which areas of life you are experiencing difficulty; there are coaches and mentors available who have overcome the same problems and are more than happy to assist you with their knowledge.

It is now possible to economically retain the services of a professional life coach and quickly achieve success in areas such as:

  • Love and relationships
  • Health and natural healing
  • Physical fitness and weight loss
  • Business and career coaching
  • Attracting success
  • Religion or spirituality
  • Plus countless other specific interests

Can you imagine the chaos if any sports team showed up for a game, never having been coached?

Any athlete who has ever achieved greatness learned from a teacher, whether it was a knowledgeable parent or a professional.

Now think about your own personal life. Who has been coaching you?

Do you really think it is possible to live an extraordinary life without guidance?

I don't know about you, but I want a teacher who has already gone through the same difficulties I am facing.

How can a good coach or mentor help you? They:

  1. Are familiar with the problem.
  2. Have experienced it themselves.
  3. Discovered how to solve the problem.
  4. Developed a system to teach others how to easily overcome the same problem.

Once I became more open with others and learned to discuss personal problems, I realized that most of us experience the same difficulties in life.

Accepting my weaknesses opened my eyes and prompted me to search for “experts” who could help me.

The Law of Group Endeavor

This law defines the multiplying of energy one creates when acting with like minded individuals to form a group effort to manifest, pray and so on.

Where the efforts of one individual may equal one unit, two people placing effort on the same goal with equal energy will affect the energy of twenty units instead of the sum total of two.

With three or more the resultant energy explodes even further. The longer the focus of pure thought (i.e. excluding all other thought) of one’s desired goal is held in the mind, the more powerful the result.

Holding this pure thought for increasing amounts of time is the beginning lesson of manifestation.

How Do You Find the Right Coach?

A great place to start is the “free” information available on the Internet, such as the tutorial I present on this Web site.

Somewhere there is someone who has already experienced the same problems as you. Be prudent and learn from them.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear! Remember hearing that somewhere?

I suggest you first define exactly what you would like to change, improve or learn about.

Then begin doing research on the Internet. Look for someone who teaches what you need to learn.

Exercise caution as there are tons of so-called experts on the internet who promise you the world and are happy to take your money.

I usually go directly to the source. Who was their mentor?

You can also talk to friends; check out organizations which list coaches and mentors or see who comes highly recommended by others on the Internet.

When you have found the one who is right, you will intuitively know there is a good fit and this person can help you.

Let's continue with the next technique to help re-program the human brain.

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