The Meaning of Life

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Regardless of how someone defines the meaning of life, most seem to feel something important is missing. Many have this big hole inside which we just can’t seem to fill.

Those who appear to be the most successful are more often than not the least successful.

They have merely learned to hide this hole from themselves and others by either working long hours to achieve wealth or partying with friends.

To realize the truth in the above statements you only need to walk down any crowded street and look into the eyes of those passing by. You will see many eyes filled with emptiness and feel their sadness.

So what is this hole we carry with us where ever we go? How is it possible in this information age that so few of us are able to discover true happiness?

The Problem:

From the instant we are born into this world, our greatest fear is being alone – abandonment!

From this fear, we have learned to look outside our self for validation. We look for others to accept us, love us, care for us and make us happy.

People have been conditioned to believe everything worth having comes from others; whether it is love or their material possessions.

As long as we devote our lives to being accepted and loved by others, we will never discover the inherent potential to live an extraordinary life full of true love and happiness.

The Meaning of Life:

We are on this planet for an education. The Universe is our school.

So what are the lessons? What is it we are missing?

Simple – learn to love yourself!

You cannot give to others what you do not possess. If you lack love, you will not find it in others. If you lack happiness, you will not find it in others.

Only when you can learn to accept and love yourself will you then have an abundance of love and acceptance to freely and happily give others.

Quantum theory is that we are all one energy. As such, through each individual who learns to love and accept them self, the collective energy of all people begins to heal.

The meaning of life then is to learn to love and accept your self. In doing this you have also learned to love and accept all others.

Self-love is not some pie in the sky, egotistical concept. Quite the contrary - it fills the hole inside - that missing piece that everyone is so frantically searching to receive from others.

Look behind every personal goal conceivable and you will discover the true goal is to find love, to be loved and to love others.

All the material possessions in the world will never fill that void inside which is so easily filled with self-love.

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