Self-Observation and
A Commitment To Change

A Self Help Article by Shirley Carton


When are we going to be ready to make a commitment to change, and stop making excuses?

God grants me the Strength to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things that I can and the Power to live a life that matters.

Keep on doing wrong things and making bad decisions and you will live in complete chaos.

Life is a tightrope!

The secret is to learn how to balance it. To learn how to do more good and less bad. The only good things we can take with us when we die are our Good Deeds of Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Kindness and Giving.

Where are you right now in your humanity?

Is your heart open wide to all mankind?

Doing a Self-Observation exercise will enlighten you.

Writing gives you another ocean to swim in. Writing creates a powerful, brilliant, creative and healing energy.

Writing and Contemplation brings forth the real truth.

Below I have written a few questions to ask yourself for a self-observation challenge.

Write down all your answers, all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the things you need to change.

  • How am I Thinking?
  • How do I Treat People?
  • Do I React to every little thing?
  • Do I have Self control?
  • Am I Impatient?
  • Do I Criticize, Gossip, Assume or Judge People?
  • Am I Selfish?
  • Do I keep my word?
  • Am I always truthful?
  • Do I listen to what people say, or do I always butt in to express my thoughts and beliefs?
  • Do things have to be done my way or no way?
  • Do I complain about the way things are done most of the time?
  • Do I assume I know what people want and need, or what is best for them?
  • Do I have very high expectations of everyone?
  • Do I want everything to be perfect?
  • Am I Kind, Compassionate and Loving?
  • Am I uplifting, contributing and praising to people in my choice of words and actions - or am I Contaminating?
  • Do I look for the good in people - or do I find faults and pick on them?
  • Do I appreciate people for who they are - or do I try to change them into who I want them to be?
  • Do I live my life with integrity, honesty, high morals, values, and principles?
  • Do I honour my commitments and promises?
  • Do I Honour and Love Myself?

When you think about these self-observations, ask yourself one final question - What Changes Do I Need To Make?

Be a blessing to others and you will be blessed. Live your Life in Amazing Grace.

Do not let life discourage you. Everyone who got where they are, began where they were!!!!

Shirley is a teacher, counselor, public speaker and the author of the comprehensive self help manual “Discover the Power of Thoughts”.