Letting Go Of The Past

A Self Help Article by Shirley Carton

Is there somewhere you desperately want to get to and you don’t know how to get there?

Letting go of the past is the place to start.

It will happen when you decide to drink from the wellness spring of Love, Forgiveness and Creativity.

Only you can make that choice. Only then can you begin letting go and moving forward.

data-custom-mark="true" \By hanging on and remaining unforgiving we either become withdrawn and unsociable; or explosive, cranky, critical, judgmental, contaminating, reactive or mean towards others.

You are so messed up in so much bondage, held tightly in an emotional prison. Holding on, not letting go is refusing to forgive and this is why we hang onto extra weight, hoard things we don’t need, wear a lot of black, become a loner or become agoraphobic.

These behaviors are often a way of hiding from past hurtful events. Your inner self is crying out; trying to tell you "letting go is healthy" - but you are not listening.

The real you wants to get out of prison. The real you is calm, kind, peaceful and loving - but you have buried that person.

You must wake up and shake yourself off before it is too late. Take responsibility for your part in this; be accountable to yourself and to the Universal Chief of this world that we cannot see.

By living in this unforgiving state you have paralyzed yourself and put your life on hold. You are allowing yourself to accept a life sentence of misery for what someone else has done to you.

    Recognize it!

    Admit it!

    Choose to change this immediately!

Stop talking about this person or that one and what they did to you. Every time you repeat it you are extending your sentence.

Always remember it is their problem and they will pay the consequences for their actions. Throw it up to the God. Begin letting go and God will take care of it for you.

The only reason you are still in this pain is because you are choosing to stay in it. By refusing to forgive, you are giving away your personal power. Make a decision NOW to take back your power.

Affirm to yourself:

    I am free.
    I am free.
    I am free.

Write on a piece of paper all that was done to you and how much it hurt you. Tear it up into little pieces, throw it in the trash and say “Good riddance to bad rubbish because that’s all it is - rubbish.”

Forgiveness is for you! For your healing!

Forgiveness is not about the perpetrator, it is about you becoming free from emotional issues which are blocking you from becoming a happy, successful individual.

You never have to see that person ever again if it is too painful for you. Do a 180 degree turn and never look back. Let it be gone forever. Throw it up to the heavens.

Do it for yourself. Forgive from your Heart. Forgive with your Soul.

Say it with complete conviction. This is the way to wholeness and freedom. Think of forgiveness as a snowplow, re-opening the road, removing all the barriers and permitting communication to be restored.

Look at your life through new eyes of Love and Compassion. Open your heart to forgiveness.

Live always with Hope. Hope is likened to the sun. As we face it, hope casts the shadow of our burdens behind us!

Shirley lives in Australia. She is a teacher, counselor, public speaker and the author of the comprehensive self help manual “Discover the Power of Thoughts”.