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"Always endeavor to really be what you would wish to appear."
~Granville Sharp~

"The world of reality has its limits.
The world of imagination is boundless."
~Jean Jacques Rousseau~

"Reality is something you rise above."
~Liza Minnelli~

"This fairy tale were living is real inside our hearts."
~Atlantic Starr~

"It is difficult to say what is impossible for the dream of
yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."
~Robert H. Goddard~

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence
over public relations for Nature cannot be fooled."
~Richard Feynman~

"Realism...has no more to do with reality than anything else."
~Hob Broun~ Reality quotes

"If you really do put a small value upon yourself rest
assured that the world will not raise your price."

"There comes a moment when you realize that virtually
anything is possible- that nothing is too good to be true."
~Kobi Yamoda~ Truth quotes

"Dreams never hurt anybody if you keep working right behind
the dreams to make as much of them become real as you can."
~Frank W. Woolworth~

"Reality is but a poor excuse for not having an imagination."
~Melissa Mayer~

"To break a promise is to deny the reality of the past.
Therefore it is to deny the hope of a real future...."
~Ursala Lequin~

"As long as we separate this oneness into two we won't achieve realization."
~Bruce Lee~

"Everything you can imagine is real."
~Pablo Picasso~

"Words as is well known are great foes of reality."
~Joseph Conrad~

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