Positive Thinking Affirmation

Today and each day, I love my life!

Today and each day, I love my life!

My life is wonderful! I am surrounded by joy and blessed abundantly.

I regularly participate in activities that bring me satisfaction and growth. Today and each day, I love my life!

Life has challenges, but they help me grow, which I enjoy. I get stronger from each challenge, which helps me participate more actively in all parts of my life. This makes me happy!

I choose to love my life. This is a deliberate choice!

I take action each day to make my life more enjoyable and I participate actively in things that I like to do. By choosing to do things I enjoy, I am making the most of my life.

I practice gratitude daily because it helps me love my life more. I live a good life!

I take stock of my situation: I am surrounded by people who care for me, things to do that excite me, and abundant material resources. I could hardly ask for more. Each day, my gratitude grows, and I encourage it to do so. 

Today, I cultivate gratitude for my multitude of blessings. I trust that my life is always moving in a positive direction and I am doing all that is needed to shepherd it along. I recommit daily to loving my life. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways do I most enjoy nurturing myself?

2. When can I make time to do these things regularly?

3. What is the relationship between taking good care of myself and loving my life?

Affirmations For You

Choose any area you want to work on, print the affirmation or carry it on your phone. Every time you think of it, repeat it... verbatim if you are reading it, or as well as you can remember it. It doesn't have to be perfect, you are simply reinforcing the new belief in your subconscious mind... over and over again! 

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