Daily Affirmations for Positive Living

(4.vii) Do Affirmations Really Work?

Affirmations - are they really an effective self-help technique to re-program the subconscious?

The short answer is “YES” they do work!

They are a fantastic tool and when applied properly can help raise the vibration level of your energy and create positive neurode (thought) patterns in your subconscious that fire easily and often.

Very Important: Repeating affirmations mindlessly throughout the day will probably have an adverse affect on your success as the subconscious resists - creating internal conflict and stress.

Empower Your Affirmations

Empower your affirmations, using them as the sole technique to reach any goal is taking the long way to achieve your dreams.

However, they are extremely powerful if repeated upon waking in the morning and just before sleep at night. This is when you are in the Theta (Super Learning) brain state.

Theta is the brain state you were in up to about six years of age. This is when the subconscious accepts and records everything without any filtering.

Also, brain research has proven that neural pathways used often create the largest neuron patterns which fire easiest and most often.

Therefore, repeating affirmations (especially while in the Theta brain state) will focus your mind to fire with thought patterns reflective of your affirmations.

When repeating a positive statement in the present tense, you are sending a clear message to your subconscious of exactly what you choose to be, have or do.

You are “focusing” on your goals and therefore attracting what you choose to manifest, instead of focusing on what you don’t want, “resisting” and attracting negatives by default.

To realize their effectiveness, simply look at your own negative self-talk and understand it has helped attract your current reality.

Self-talk can only be negative if your subconscious is allowed to operate unchecked and run on auto-pilot.  You listen to your old negative thoughts -- over and over and over -- how can it not become your reality? Right?

The subconscious on auto-pilot with self-limiting programming is the root cause of your own negative self-talk.

On numerous occasions I have witnessed someone making a mistake and immediately compounding the problem with a negative statement such as: "Am I ever stupid".

That person is very effectively programming themselves to - you guessed it - be stupid!

Re-programming your brain with positive statements creates the new thought (neuron) patterns I explained in Step One.

The Big Lie

Most people encounter a huge problem when making positive statements they know are a big lie.

I suggest you go back to Step One and review the scientific brain research discoveries which explain the subconscious does not distinguish the difference between truth or a lie and real or imagined.

Everything you are today started out as a lie!

Through continuous programming either by your self or your primary caregivers, you developed your current beliefs, thought patterns and habits.

I don’t know about you but personally, I prefer to be the craftsman who molds my own character and shapes my future based on my choices.

How to craft your Affirmations

  1. Statements must be made as a positive/positive; not a negative/positive.

    Correct: Positive/positive – “I choose to be organized and get things done quickly and efficiently.

    Incorrect: Negative/positive – “I easily eliminate procrastination in my life.”

  2. They must be stated in the present tense as already achieved right now.

    This kicks your subconscious brain into gear, finding ways to verify what it "believes" to already be true.

  3. Affirmations have to be personal. In other words, you cannot change another person's behavior.

    For instance, if your relationship is a little rocky:

    Correct: “I choose to be loving, caring and affectionate or I choose to attract loving, caring and affectionate people.”

    Incorrect: “My mate always treats me with love, affection and trust.”

  4. You cannot make comparisons.

    Correct: “I choose to sell “X” amount each week.”

    Incorrect: “I consistently sell more product than (name).”

  5. Be specific as opposed to general.

    Specific would provide every detail of a new home.

    General would be “I am now living in a new home.”

  6. Your words need to trigger strong positive emotion and should be stated with energy and enthusiasm. Use action words that get you excited.
  7. Statements can and should include all aspects of your life (love, health, happiness, relationships, fitness and financial).
  8. Keep your affirmations private (secret).

    If you divulge your affirmations or goals to other people, many (due to their negative programming) will plant seeds of negativity. These seeds will grow and you will give up.

  9. Your statements should be repeated at least twice a day while in the Theta brain state.
More is better to keep reinforcing your new neural pathways.

Important Reminder:

Remember earlier we discussed that the mind does not distinguish between real and imagined. Therefore, by stating your affirmations with emotion and energy, your mind believes it to be true.

TIP: I created an affirmation CD using the “Wave” program on my computer. I wrote out all the positive statements I wanted to include. Then using my internet chat microphone, I recorded for 25 minutes.

You can then cut a CD or download to an iPod and listen while driving or any other activity.

The big difference is repeating the phrases three times at a spaced interval and using background music which helps to place you in the "Alpha" or "learning" state.

The Law or Right to Decree:

This law exists for those working in service to others. It is ineffective for self serving beings. This law allows the ascended realms to move from the confines of the Law of Non-Intervention to act on our behalf. Add to each affirmation “Under the Law of Grace” which is like an insurance clause which will not allow us to manifest or invoke anything which would be detrimental to our existence or not of the highest interest for all, and we remain karmic free.

For your affirmation to work it must be invoked three times. For example – By Divine Decree, in the name of (Our Father, God, Jesus, The Source, Universal Intelligence, etc) and under the Law of Grace, I ask for _______. It is done, so it is and I thank you. Then let it go and trust your request is in higher hands.

If you prefer a simpler insurance clause, this is the one I use: “I accept this or something better. Please make this happen in ways that are for the highest good of myself and everyone else involved.”

When I first began using positive affirmations, it was difficult to figure out what I should be affirming and how to do it.

I decided to get some help and was delighted to discover Bradley Thomson and his incredible ”Subliminal Power” Web site.

This is a program that flashes “affirmations” directly to your subconscious while using your computer.

The human eye sees images flashed in front of us, which we do not necessarily catch on a conscious level.

You can choose from many of the pre-programmed topics, such as raising your IQ, developing concentration and recall, getting rid of bad habits, losing weight; or you can easily create your own set of positive statements.

There is absolutely no effort to re-programming your brain with this tool.

Hopefully you found the information in this section both interesting and valuable.

Are you ready for the next lesson? Good!