Positive Thinking Affirmation

Positive Transformation is my Daily Practice.

Positive transformation is my daily practice.

Each day takes me a little closer to realizing my full potential. Life presents me with learning experiences that help me to grow and every single day I try to grow a little more. I do what I am able to chip away at unhealthy habits.

Patience is one thing that I really work towards. There are times when I lose my cool but I readily acknowledge that. I deal with each challenge with a little more tolerance than the one before.

I accept that I am meant to learn a new lesson every day and each time I stumble. 

When the stresses of life attempt to interrupt my progress, I make a conscious effort to handle them with courage and resolve. I know that my rewards are greater when I patiently undertake the difficult challenges that face me.

I use the examples of children to teach me how to live with others. Each encounter I have with someone is a chance to embrace their soul instead of their outward appearance.

Today, I enjoy my journey towards true positive living. I am committed to making transformations that nourish my soul, mind, and heart. Each successful day along this road is one to be celebrated.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do my friends and family help me stay on the right track?

2. How difficult is it to get back on track when my transformation hits a rut?

3. What are some things I can do to help me practice positive living?

Affirmations For You

Choose any area you want to work on, print the affirmation or carry it on your phone. Every time you think of it, repeat it... verbatim if you are reading it, or as well as you can remember it. It doesn't have to be perfect, you are simply reinforcing the new belief in your subconscious mind... over and over again! 

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