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"Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity."
~Remez Sasson~

"Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave."
~Remez Sasson~ Inspirational quotes

"Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal
awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification,
knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity."
~Swami Sivananda~ Meditation quotes

"In the beginning you will fall into the gaps in between
thoughts - after practicing for years, you become the gap."

"Soon silence will have passed into legend.
Man has turned his back on silence.
Day after day he invents machines and devices
that increase noise and distract humanity from
the essence of life, contemplation, meditation."
~Jean Arp~ Meditation quotes

"Deep down mind is space occupied, filled by thoughts.
If you remove some thoughts, space is created -- or
discovered, or reclaimed. If you go on removing your
thoughts, by and by you go on regaining your space."
This space is meditation."

"Our greatest experiences are our quietest moments."

"The first thing to realize in meditation is that there is no authority,
that the mind must be completely free to examine, to observe, to learn.
And so there is no following, no accepting, no obedience."
~Jiddu Krishnamurti~ Meditation quotes

"Meditation is the most extraordinary thing if you know how to do it, and you cannot possibly learn from anybody; and that's the beauty of it. It isn't something you learn, a technique, and therefore there is no authority. Therefore if you will learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, the way you talk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy. If you are aware of it without any choice, all that is part of meditation, and as you go, as you journey, as that movement goes, all that movement is meditation. Then that movement is endless, timeless."
~Jiddu Krishnamurti~ Inspirational quotes

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop."

"Thus meditating you will no longer strive to build
yourself up in your prejudices, but, forgetting self,
you will remember only that you are seeking the Truth."
~James Allen~ Meditation quotes

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."
~Baba Ram Dass~

"When we raise ourselves through meditation to what unites us with the spirit, we quicken something within us that is eternal and unlimited by birth and death. Once we have experienced this eternal part in us, we can no longer doubt its existence. Meditation is thus the way to knowing and beholding the eternal, indestructible, essential center of our being."
~Rudolf Steiner~

"The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the
better will be his world and the world at large."

"Meditation is not to escape from society, but to come
back to ourselves and see what is going on. Once there
is seeing, there must be acting. With mindfulness, we
know what to do and what not to do to help."
~Thich Nhat Hanh~

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