Louise Hay Daily Affirmation

I love affirmations and one a day for a year is just a LIFE full of Positivity!

I CAN DO IT  is Louise Hay's 2016 version of her Daily Affirmations.

If you know someone who is a bit down in life, or even yourself, this is a great way to bring your thoughts for a better life constant as you move along, day by day.

Life is rarely easy, and until you get to that peaceful place (that many never find), something helpful like this can make life a better place to live in.

My daily affirmations certainly keep me on the right path in life... I hope they work for you too!

Affirmations For You

Choose any area you want to work on, print the affirmation or carry it on your phone. Every time you think of it, repeat it... verbatim if you are reading it, or as well as you can remember it. It doesn't have to be perfect, you are simply reinforcing the new belief in your subconscious mind... over and over again! 

Read what Gene has to offer on Affirmations too! If you like what he teaches, please start at the beginning of his workshop to get the best learning experience!



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