Best Life Lessons:
Uncomfortable Adventures!

Our Best Life Lessons come from being out of our comfort zone, taking on challenges, learning something new! Right?

In March 2017, I attended The Big Shift Experience, hosted by Bill Baren, in San Jose CA. it was good... approximately 600ish people attend and I am glad I went.

It was also an unusual event and totally out of my comfort zone!

First, I always take my MAC laptop to conferences. It never dawned on me that they belong at online business conferences, but not so much at coaching/mindset conferences. That means, I lugged around my heavy laptop all weekend, scared to leave it in my room. Heck - it contains my LIFE, ya know? 

The first morning starts off with me walking into the huge conference room. Yeah, that part sounds normal enough. However, It is dark with few lights, meditative music playing, people are quietly entering, and on each seat is your workbook, a pen, and a tiny electronic candle that is glowing. 

This was so serene and calming for the anxiety of Wendy entering a new event, never attended. The serenity was short lived... :) Hey, I never said I have this anxiety thing conquered.

The rest of the 3-day experience was full of energy... they played music every so often to get everyone moving. People danced everywhere to a variety of songs that weekend.  I must admit it got you energized and ready to hear the message.

They did this "thing"... a "kiss and a woosh" which meant kissing your fingertips and whoosing it towards whomever just spoke! We did that whenever Bill Baren asked us to... often. 

The content of the program was both business and making "big shifts" in our mindsets. 

Best Life Lessons in Business: 

In the end, this program was very expensive... but something I might have been interested in years ago. They had last years students there and all were making big money. Four were previously doctors who quit being physicians to help others through life issues via coaching... and were making more than they did as physicians. Yikes!

However, at this point in my personal life, I'm simply not interested in that type of business. I am too busy with my parents and want to live a more relaxed existance.

Still, it was really interesting... and you might be interested in next years event!  

Best Life Lessons in Big Shifts: 

We did so many interactive exercises. THIS is the part that was out of my introvert comfort zone! 

Hey, I did every exercise... kinda had to! Sometimes we went around the room telling others (sometimes shouting, both to be heard, to get the new mindset firmly into our subconscious, and to get frustrations out) -- "I will not let XXX stop me from XXX . "

It was amazing to hear so many yell about what their life frustrations were. Everyone, everywhere, has fears and issues to conquer. We all do... young and old, confident and unsure, men and women, quirky or conservative, professionals or not. 

Another example, We did t he "If you really knew me.... XXXX "  exercise.  We had to move from person to person sharing our thoughts.

One of the last things we did, you may have seen before. Many schools do this exercise with students. We were all on one side of the room, for the Cross the Line exercise. They called out different things like: 

  • if you were ever teased for your looks (too tall, too short, race, whatever)
  • If you or anyone in the family is ADD or ADHD
  • if anyone in the family is gay 
  • if you've had divorced parents
  • if you feel you are not smart enough

    Then you cross over to the other side of the room if it applies to you. People crossed in hoards... usually at least 75% crossed over each time. They had to look at each others, to see the faces surrounding them, to know "it's not just me". 
  • We all have similar backgrounds, family crisis issues, feeling of being not enough. Right? 

    Bottom Line: Great weekend full of self-inspection... and maybe I am normal after all GRIN!

    Kiss and a Woosh to you!