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Forgiving makes me feel light and free

Forgiveness is a gift I give myself. By forgiving others, I set myself free and can move on with my life. I am a good and forgiving person. When I forgive, I am being strong and making my own life easier.

While many people might struggle to forgive others, I find it very easy. I always feel better after forgiving others. Once I forgive someone, I am free of the pain and disappointment.  

I find that forgiving others becomes easier as I get older. Age and wisdom make it clearer to me that forgiveness is the smart solution. Forgiveness is free and provides so much. It is one of the great bargains in the universe.

I may struggle occasionally to forgive someone. But once I realize that I am only hurting myself in the process of holding on to that anger, I find it easy to forgive. I immediately feel better, freer, and lighter.

When my heart is light, life is more enjoyable. I am more open to the positive aspects of life. I choose to be light and free of anger.

I understand that my ability to forgive can always grow stronger so I work on it constantly. I am able to forgive most problems quickly and easily. Others may take a little more work, but I always get there.

Today, I am forgiving everyone. I am even forgiving myself. Forgiving makes me light and free; I choose to forgive and forget.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What resentments from the past am I holding on to?
  2. What could I forgive right now?
  3. Am I good at forgiving others? If not, why? How can I get better at forgiving?

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