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Financial Wealth produces little depth of joy

There is a deep inner joy that is not found in financial wealth. Although being rich allows me to satisfy material wants, it is not enough for true happiness. I want contentment from richness of relationships and peace of mind.

Being wealthy allows me to pay for anything, but possessions have a fleeting value. I prefer to use financial wealth to do good things in the world.

Whenever I earn money, I put aside a portion for charity. Being able to help the less fortunate gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I feel happy when I see my contributions support the basic necessities of others.

I use my financial wealth to expose my kids to new learning experiences. When I see their horizons expanding, I get a true sense of inner happiness. The joy runs deep when I am able to facilitate their progress.

When I look at the spending opportunities in front of me, I choose the ones that bring togetherness.

Being able to bond with my family and friends is meaningful. I also celebrate being able to use my resources to promote togetherness in the wider community.

Today, I am happy that I rely on meaningful experiences for deep joy. I acknowledge that financial wellness rarely means true happiness. I am conscious of the difference between superficial happiness and deep rooted joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I ensure that I remain humble while being financially wealthy?

2. How can I determine when something will bring me long term joy?

3. How can I use financial wealth to bring positivity to the world?

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