Affirmation for healthy eating

I commit myself to healthier habits

My health matters to me. My life is precious. I want to fulfill my potential and spend as many years as possible with my loved ones. To this end, I form healthy habits that promote my physical and mental wellbeing.

With healthy habits, taking good care of myself becomes automatic.

I exercise regularly. I visit the gym or ride my bike at home. I have a list of activities that I enjoy so that I am prepared for any kind of weather or time crunch. I find the best time of day for me to squeeze a  short workout into my schedule.

I incorporate more activity into my daily routine. I climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator. I do some squats while waiting for my morning coffee to brew.

I eat a nutritious diet. I make time for adequate sleep and relaxation.

I follow the recommendations of my health care team. I see my doctor for regular checkups. I brush and floss in between dentist visits. I talk with professionals I trust about the latest studies and news so I can apply the information to my own needs.

Today, I pick up new habits that help me to take better care of my body and mind. I choose the areas that are my top priorities, and start making positive changes that prepare me for a longer and more rewarding life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one healthy habit I could start working on today?
  2. What are my personal reasons for wanting to be healthier?
  3. How can I ask my loved ones for the support I need to follow a healthy lifestyle?

Affirmations For You

Choose any area you want to work on, print the affirmation or carry it on your phone. Every time you think of it, repeat it... verbatim if you are reading it, or as well as you can remember it. It doesn't have to be perfect, you are simply reinforcing the new belief in your subconscious mind... over and over again! 

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