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Personal freedom from the emotional pain and suffering caused from past experiences is definitely a worthy goal.

Forgive me for jumping ahead of myself. June newsletter I stated this issue would be about brain waves. However, I am so excited about all the self help and personal development information I want to share with you, I almost skipped one of my most valuable lessons.

I explained that both positive and negative memories are stored as energy and releasing is an effective technique to neutralize the negative blocks which have been stopping you from taking action to achieve any success.

There is a form of releasing you can practice which produces amazing results – it won’t cost you a dime to learn – and you will be free from the pain and suffering of reliving the past over and over again!


Do you want to hold on to all your past mistakes forever? I think not!

Why on earth should you ever choose to forgive someone who has harmed you? After all, they have caused you great pain and deserve to be punished – don’t they?

Wait a minute! If you are harboring anger, resentment or revenge thoughts, who are you really harming?

Only yourself!!!

Now, before you get upset, understand that forgiving someone is not letting them off the hook; especially if their actions were criminal, malicious or atrocious, causing you great pain.

It does not mean you are condoning or excusing another’s behavior.

You can choose to forgive someone and increase your personal freedom while at the same time seeking justice. Then the injuring party still experiences the consequences of their wrong doing.

Through forgiveness, you are able to deal with the situation dispassionately, achieving personal freedom by releasing yourself from negative energy stored in the mind and body.

On the other hand, refusing to forgive or holding a grudge carries with it a heavy emotional cost. Anger releases toxic stress chemicals into your blood stream, elevates blood pressure and blocks you emotionally and spiritually.

Forgiveness = personal freedom - releasing you from the bonds of being a victim.

Forgiving both yourself and others is for your benefit – not those who have wronged you! It is necessary to neutralize and eliminate the energy patterns that keep guilt, shame and fear from remaining as the dominate force in your entire being.

You don’t need to take my word for this. Here is what a few experts tell us:

1. Psychiatrist Richard Fitzgibbons provides the following benefits to the one who forgives:

  • Decreased levels of anger and hostility.
  • Increased feelings of love.
  • Improved ability to control anger.
  • Enhanced capacity to trust.
  • Freedom from control of events of the past.
  • No longer repeating negative behaviors.
  • Improved physical health.
  • Significant improvement in psychiatric disorders.

2. Colin Tipping, author of “Radical Forgiveness” comments that repressed emotional baggage can literally show up as physical baggage – excess body fat.

3. James Hardt, PhD., Founder of Biocybernaut Institute, one of the world's most respected authorities on brain wave biofeedback training and author of “The Art of Smart Thinking” discovered forgiveness enhances the Alpha brain waves and includes it in his neurofeedback training.

Negative Energy Blocks:

The past experiences in life are either stepping stones to greater successes or they block our progress and stop us cold.

Everything you do – or don’t do – now, today or in the future is limited by your beliefs. The human brain filters information based on all past memories which are stored in the mind and body. It compares, deletes or distorts new information based on these memories.

Understand the human mind does not distinguish any differences in past, present or future. To the mind everything it experiences is happening “right now.” Therefore when reliving past wrongs, the mind believes you are experiencing a new, but similar situation all over again.

Every time you think of the past negative memory (especially when there is strong emotion attached) you once again reinforce that thought pattern, making it easier for the subconscious to run this belief on automatic. You are effectively creating a (belief) neuron pattern that is larger, stronger and fires more often.

To illustrate, when someone endures a terrible relationship it then becomes difficult to participate in a healthy marriage without ghosts of the past reappearing to sabotage their happiness.

Each time their new mate says or does anything, the mind will go through the filtering process. It will compare what is happening now with stored memories. If there is any similarity to past trauma the result is negative emotions such as anxiety, fear and worry (even if there is actually no danger).

To achieve personal freedom - heal and be free of the emotional blocks created by these past experiences - one needs to forgive and let go of the past. It is like wiping the slate clean to start fresh.

Then when the mind compares current events to past events, there is no longer negative energy attached to the past. Therefore, the insignificant actions of a new mate, which would have previously created emotional turmoil, now remain neutral.


Forgiveness is a necessary component of personal freedom.

Forgiving yourself or others is not about condoning or accepting improper actions.

Forgiveness is vital to releasing the negative emotional charge from your mind and body, effectively clearing the path to success.

Through this process, you neutralize negative unconscious filters which previously would have stopped you from taking action.

Now you know why to forgive. If you would like to learn how to effectively release, you can read my article “How to Forgive".

You too can achieve personal freedom and eliminate the pain and suffering we experience by re-living past. It must be a conscious choice.

Make a decision. You can hold on to a grudge and wallow in self-pity, giving your power away to someone who could care less – or – forgive both yourself and others; clearing the path to personal freedom and creating happiness, health, relationships and overall success in all areas of life.

Notable quote

Re-living the past over and over causes great pain and suffering.

True, heart-felt forgiveness of yourself and others is necessary

to break free and clear the path for your success.

~Gene Anger~

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