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"If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure."
~Dan Quayle~

"Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from
people who have the habit of making excuses."
~George Washington Carver~

"If you have made a mistake cut your losses as quickly as possible."
~Bernard Mannes Baruch~ Loss quotes

"The guy who takes a chance
Who walks the line between the known and unknown
Who is unafraid of failure will succeed."
~Gordon Parks~ Failure quotes

"Congealed thinking is the forerunner of failure...
make sure you are always receptive to new ideas."
~George Crane~

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war while
defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
~Sun-tzu~ Defeat quotes

"Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people
can't accept your imperfections that's their fault."
~Dr. David M. Burns~

"Three failures denote uncommon strength.
A weakling has not enough grit to fail thrice."
~Minna Thomas Antrim~

"Loss is nothing else but change
and change is Natures delight."
~Marcus Aurelius~ Loss quotes

"Good people are good because they've come
to wisdom through failure. We get very
little wisdom from success you know."
~William Saroyan~

"Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose,
endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat."
~Ryszard Kapuscinski~ Defeat quotes

"Yes risk-taking is inherently failure-prone.
Otherwise it would be called sure-thing taking."
~Tim McMahon~

"No man is a failure who is enjoying life."
~William Faulkner~

"Failure is only postponed success
as long as courage coaches ambition.
The habit of persistence
is the habit of victory."
~Herbert Kaufman~

"When defeat is inevitable it is wisest to yield."
~Quintilian~ Defeat quotes

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