What Are You Thinking?

The Best Self Help Starting Point

What you are thinking throughout each and every day is what determines your level of success.

I often get emails asking me "I need help, where should I start?"

To begin any process of change, first discover what it is you need to change.

An effective technique is to become aware of your unconscious thought patterns.

Doctors call this "cognitive therapy" which is a fancy way of saying "getting to know the thoughts that are driving you."

How can you do this?

Simple - begin writing your thoughts and beliefs in a journal.

I recommend this as a life long process; but you would be wise to complete at least two weeks of jounalling to get a clear picture of your negative thoughts and beliefs.

As with anything new, you need constant reminders every day to help make this process become a good habit.

With practice, you can learn to become consciously aware of your own negative subconscious thought patterns immediately when they arise.

Having this awareness, you then have the ability to control your life, instead of allowing the subconscious to control you, operating on auto-pilot.

Notable Quote:

"You can live a lifetime and at the end of it,
know more about other people than you know about yourself."
~Beryl Markham~