Positive Affirmation CD's

Positive affirmation cds to enhance your life!

Do you love to listen to audio like I do?  I LOVE audio!

Sometimes, I simply listen from my laptop next to me, other times I have my ipod plugged in with earbuds to let me drift away.

I've found I learn best when listening, with no distractions. I also listen to something over and over. WHY? Because it helps me to absorb the information, but also I hear it differently as I begin to understand the different aspects of each lesson.

With affirmations, you need to read and repeat over and over for many days.  With the CD version, you can simply listen when you have a few moments in time... in the morning getting ready for work, in the car to and from work, at lunch just before you begin work again, at home in your big easy chair chilling out with a glass of wine!