Dealing With Inner Demons

In our culture we are trained to believe our inner demons are the enemy.

We are taught to slay our demons, to push through them and overcome.This is a huge mistake and a missed opportunity!

Even the word demon conjures up images that have the potential to scare most of us.

So how do most cope with their demons?

They try to avoid them!

The word "demon" comes from the Greek word "daimon" and it means "that which gives our life meaning and purpose."

You see, your demons are blessings disguised as something scary. They are actually your teachers.

We can change our behavior and instead of resisting our “demons” we can use them as a valuable tool to discover what’s blocking or stopping us from achieving the life we dream about.

Starting right now, instead of looking at your problems as demons, why not choose to begin looking at them as a gift.

They are a window to what’s holding you back and an opportunity to eliminate the stored “emotional baggage” associated with that demon and clear the path for a happy, loving and peaceful life.

To add some additional incentive, remember that “what we resist persists.”

So, when we resist our inner demons, they just continue to terrorize us as they grow stronger and stronger.

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