How to Cope with Loneliness

To Live Longer, You Need New Friends!

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When we retire, and as we age, we lose friends due to loss of employment, illness and death, moving to new locations, and many more reasons. 

We really NEED to actively seek out new friends and communicate with people on a regular basis.

Psychology Today has published several articles on Loneliness stressing the importance of being socially active. In 2010 - 40% of Americans felt lonely. A few years later, another study found that 43% reported feeling lonely and over half were married! Yikes!

Loneliness causes early death - it's a bigger risk than obesity or smoking cigarettes. Loneliness creates a bigger possibility of cancer, cardio disease, higher blood pressure, the list goes on.

Please take this Loneliness status seriously!

Get Inolved in LIFE and change your health -- both mentally and physically!

Friends and Relationships Matter!  

Susan Pinker, the speaker in the video below, wrote "The Village Effect: How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier and Happier".

She explains in the video how the secret to aging well isn't most of the things you would assume -- it's PEOPLE.

Take a quick 16 minutes out of your day to listen to Susan on this topic! I pray she changes your perspective on retired life... and you seek out new relationships both locally and online!

Susan Pinker Video

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Read on... Learn and change your life!

Want more proof from Psychology Today?

In this article, the Conclusion: Loneliness Creates a Downward Spiral of Morbidity and Mortality -- THAT is downright scary! Another article:  Feeling Lonely? You May Be Damaging Your Health gives a few ideas on how this damages your health and what to do about it.