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Life Changing Brain Waves

Making the Impossible, Possible!

Understanding the different levels of brain waves and how they influence learning will have a positive impact on your personal efforts to change.

Change seems impossible... for most of us!

After years of research I finally got it! Now I clearly understand why self help techniques work for some people and not for others.

For example let's take affirmations. Some experts praise their value in making positive change while others consider them a useless waste of time.

So then, who is correct?

Surprisingly, it's probably not the technique or process that fails but rather when and how it is used.

The Source of Your Beliefs and Self-Limiting Thoughts:

From the time we are in the womb to approximately six years of age, the human brain functions primarily in the Alpha and Theta brain wave states.

During this time, the child’s mind is like a gigantic receptacle that records and stores everything it sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells – without any judgment or filtering.

Your beliefs are created and the subconscious is being programmed to respond automatically, without any conscious thought.

After six, the left or right brain dominates and we function mainly in the Beta or “thinking” brain wave state. This is where we learn to rationalize, compare, judge, categorize, and criticize.

As we experience life the subconscious continues to record thoughts and feelings; reinforcing the beliefs already created by the age of six.

We are, in effect, adults operating with the beliefs of a six year old child.

It is estimated 95% to 99% of our thoughts are repeated unconsciously 24 hours a day like an endless loop tape player - most of which are negative.

These thoughts are based on the core beliefs pre-programmed as a child.

Why is Change so Difficult?

In adulthood, you decide to make some changes such as eliminating a bad habit, changing careers, having more love or improved relationships, eliminating depression or any other perceived problems.

These decisions to change and improve our lives are made on a conscious level – using our Beta brain state. Then we begin to apply various self help techniques only to discover change seems impossible or at the very best is slow in coming.

Why can’t you change? What is stopping you?

Most of our problems are self-created in the Beta brain state. It is virtually impossible to solve these problems or change unless we step out of the Beta thinking mode and go into the deeper levels of Alpha and Theta.

Life Changing Brain Waves:

Think of it like this... you were programmed with current beliefs while in a predominately Theta brain state. Now you function mainly in the Beta. You are trying to communicate with your subconscious in Beta.

This is like trying to communicate in a language your subconscious doesn’t understand. Your current beliefs were imprinted while in Alpha and Theta.

To re-program new beliefs you need to access the Theta brain waves and step out of your Beta or thinking brain.

Let’s go back to affirmations. If you mindlessly repeat them throughout your waking hours, then you will probably have little success.

However, repeat affirmations while in the Theta brain state and you are creating new beliefs in the subconscious.

I heard a great explanation from cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton:

First you record a message on a tape player. (This is like the subconscious programming you received as a child.)

This tape then plays over and over without ever stopping. (This is the automatic subconscious self-limiting thoughts like fear, worry or doubt.)

Now you want to change the message on the tape so you talk to the tape player – nothing happens. (This could be any attempt to change such as positive self-talk, affirmations, visualization, etc.)

Then you yell at it – still nothing. (Your self improvement efforts are failing, so anger and frustration sets in.)

So you pray for it to change – nothing! (Now you are desperate and will do anything to try and achieve your dreams.)

How do we solve this riddle?

The message being played (your subconscious thoughts and beliefs) will only change when you learn how to record (re-program) a new message (belief) in the Theta brain state, where the original message was recorded in childhood.

Recording New Beliefs:

There are mainly three processes to effectively implement change.

  1. Buddhist Mindfulness
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Energy Psychology

1. The slowest of the three is Buddhist mindfulness. As you become more aware of your thoughts, you can recognize old (patterns) thoughts and beliefs.

You can then discover if you are the awareness behind your thoughts or if you are in your thoughts. That is, are you consumed and controlled by them.

Becoming aware and witnessing your thoughts, you begin to realize you are not attached.

Through this awareness, you can begin to question thoughts and old beliefs by asking:

  • “Why do I believe this?”
  • “Is this belief really true?”
  • “Where does this belief come from?”
  • “What happens to me because I believe…?”
  • “How do I act/behave because I believe….?”

When we begin witnessing our thoughts and looking at the outcomes or results from these thoughts, the next time we become aware of the thought we can then choose to not go there.

2. Hypnotherapy is the second (and faster) technique. While hypnotized you are accessing the Theta brain waves, making it is easier to download new information (habits).

You can also access the Theta just before you go to sleep and immediately upon awakening. It is the ideal time to play tapes, visualize goals, etc.

3. The quickest method of eliminating old beliefs and re-programming the subconscious is using an “Energy Psychology” technique.

Energy psychology encompasses a wide variety of techniques that influence the “Super Learning” state, allowing you to access Theta and re-write the old, negative programs and eliminate self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs.

Here is a short list of energy psychology techniques:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Body Talk
  • Holographic Re-patterning
  • Psych-K

This list is by no means all-encompassing. Do your own research and find the technique that resonates with your intuition. What may work for one person is not suitable for another.

Perhaps now you understand why change appears to be difficult and more importantly how you can overcome this apparent limitation by learning to program your new beliefs while quieting the mind into Theta brain waves.

Transcend the Beta or thinking brain waves and go deeper into the Alpha and Theta - where our negative programs were installed during childhood.

Notable Quote:

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking;
it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
~Albert Einstein~